2010-2011 Circle Time Plans, Term 3

I can’t believe that I’m posting Term Three plans already. Time is just flying by. The format for this past term worked really well as a breakfast Circle Time, and I’m planning to keep it at breakfast, for that is the only time of the day the toddler will sit still for it. It’s nice to do it when everyone is fresh in the morning.

Before I post the plans, please note that I am not using the Ambleside-assigned artist for this term. Whenever I switch artists, I try to use a different artist, one Ambleside has studied in the past, before we were school-age. This time, I chose Mary Cassatt, and used all of the selections that Ambleside used back in 2004-2005.

Also, about halfway through the term, I run out of readings for I Wonder Why I Blink? I kept the title in there as a place-holder because I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do. I am considering I Wonder Why the Sea is Salty: and Other Questions About the Oceans. The little girls seem to be enjoying the first book, so why not acquire another in the series?

Here are my plans:

Circle Time Weekly Schedule 2010-2011 Term 3

I know that some of you like to make your own modified versions of these plans for use with your own children, so below is a list of links to resources that I’m using.


Anyone else posting plans for Term 3? Send me a link in the comments, if you are!

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