Common Core Link Roundup

    • So is Common Core “dumbing down” students? Beck unequivocally believes it is and quipped that “the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has little or no more value than the phone book in Common Core.”
    • The panel also said that if it were not so “sad” it would be “hilarious” as Common Core is forging ahead without offering any empirical evidence that the system works. “And we are buying it,” one educator said.
    • The teachers feel like they are simply “data drones” one teacher said soberly. The teachers also said that they have felt intimidated by government officials pushing Common Core.
  • The real reason Texas doesn’t need to sign on to Common Core: they’re already there. But CSCOPE goes a step further because it’s not standards, it’s actual curriculum.
    • Socialism is being promoted and Christianity is being demonized in the public school systems of some of the most conservative states in America.  For example, students in Texas public schools have been taught to design a socialist flag for a new nation, that those that participated in the Boston Tea Party were “terrorists”, and that Christianity is a cult. 
  • Common Core is already being implemented here in California, but I suppose it is with a shot.
    • The Common Core State Standards Initiative” is the official name for the new education program coming down from the Obama administration, preparing the way for “Race to the Top Assessments,” which will take place in 2014 when all the computer software is in place to test the minds of the nation’s children to see how well Common Core (CC) has been sufficiently taught.
    • Yes, it does sound bad if one looks at other countries that have nationalized education, and we see nationalized propaganda. When education is top-down, with the federal government having so much control and power over education, it is very easy to promote a certain agenda and indoctrination is so much easier. 
    • Friday last week, Dr. Darcy G. Benway, Superintendent of the O’Fallon Township High School District 203 in a letter to a parent (whose name has been withheld for privacy sake) said since the Common Core has been tied into the Illinois State Learning Standards there is “no opt out option with regard to Common Core State Standards.”
    • But along with that knowledge must come an understanding of what the CCS really is and why it is so dangerous – for every young person in this nation and for our future as a country. And so we share here a small collection of resources explaining and exposing the CCS.
    • So the Obama Administration has latched onto a national education curriculum called Common Core that was launched by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2009. Those organizations have very official names as though they are government agencies, but they are actually private groups financed by foundations such as Gates and various corporations.
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