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    The Darndest Things {02/06}

    February 5, 2006 by Brandy Vencel

    This is the February running list of the cute and silly and even bad things my kids {mainly E.}say and do. Kids really are quite amusing. I tried a notebook, but the blog is an easier place to keep it all together. This, like the January list, will be linked to the sidebar in the near future.

    28 February 2006: E. Asks Another Profound Question
    E.: Can you hear the clouds moving?

    28 February 2006: A. Learns About the World
    Today A. walked up to me carrying a couple oversized letter magnets from her big brother’s collection. I got down on her level to discuss them with her, but she wasn’t much for conversation. Instead, she slammed the magnet against my forehead to see if it would stick.

    23 February 2006: The One-Year Word List
    Well, she doesn’t say much. But what she says, she says pretty well. A. is officially one (and a day!) and here are her words: moma, dada, bobble {bottle}, bite, peas {please}, E–{her brother’s name}, up!!!, bye, hi, bat {bath}…This is her regular fare. I’ve caught her attempting other words, but these are the ones she uses almost daily. Oh! Almost forgot…before she said a word, we taught her to sign “more” and “done” so as to decrease the crying during meals.

    22 February 2006: A.’s Birthday Suit
    In honor of her birthday today, A. undressed herself down to her onesie during her “nap.” What we found interesting was the she seemed to view it all as a big joke. When I came in, she looked at me, looked back at her overalls and socks in their little pile, looked back and me, and when I finally realized what she had done and commented on it, she burst into her little baby laughter.

    20 February 2006: E. Analyzes a Song
    E.: Run to Jesus! Give Him your heart!…Mom?
    Mommy: Yes?
    E.: But then I won’t have a heart!!

    13 February 2006: A. Gives Herself a Bath
    This afternoon, Little A. escaped while the adults were preoccupied. She was discovered, leaning over and splashing around in the toilet!

    11 February 2006: A Monumetal Day
    Today started out with E. having remained dry overnight for the second night in a row. He’s been daytime potty-trained for over a year, and even made it through naps for the last month or so, but he’s such a heavy sleeper that overnight is a real challenge. And now it is a challenge that he has risen to! He and Si are out celebrating his success with a $0.75 ice cream cone as I type!

    A., on the other hand, discovered a method of putting herself in mortal danger by climbing up onto the couch without assistance. Now it is officially unwise for me to leave her in the living room unattended. Good job, Little A.!

    10 February 2006: The Crying Game
    Today at lunch we played a game I liked to call Everybody Cries. A. cried because we tried to feed her ourselves. E. cried because we wouldn’t feed him and told him he needed to feed himself. The grass is always greener…even when you’re a baby!

    7 February 2006: A Valentine First
    E. is participating in the Awana Cubbies program at our church. Every Wednesday night, he proudly recites his verse to his teacher, who happens to be the husband of a friend of mine. Last week, he brought home a paper telling us that the class would be exchanging Valentines. We decided that, since all of life is school to us, we’d make it fun. Yesterday, I tried to shop around for a basic kid’s Valentine set, but they were all so commercialized. It was Bob the Builder, Batman, or Kim Possible sporting her little belly button. Since E. doesn’t watch any television, he doesn’t even know or care who any of these characters are.

    So I went to Michael’s and bought a couple supplies, and we made our own from scratch and attached little candies to the front. It ended up being a fun craft for the two of us together, and Si even gave him a lesson on Saint Valentine’s support of marriage and love.

    It was a good day, and a chance for me to talk with him about each person in his class. Apparently, he doesn’t like most of them, which was interesting. He wouldn’t really say why, he just doesn’t like them. So it was an opportunity to remind him what we had learned about loving our enemies and those we don’t like, and that the Valentine was a practical way for him to show his love for them.

    6 February 2006: A. Has a New Word
    It’s not much, but when you’re eleven months old, it’s a big deal to your mommy.
    A.: Up.

    6 February 2006: My Own Personal Christopher Robin
    Remember when Christopher Robin put on his adventure boots and took the whole crew {including all of Rabbit’s friends-and-relations} on an “expotition” to discover the north pole? Remember the feeling it all had, the beautiful combination of boyhood and innocence? E. reminded me of that today when he wandered our huge, weed-filled backyard in his bright red galoshes.

    5 February 2006: The Future Theologian Strikes Again
    Daddy: What did Jesus do when He saw the blind man?
    E.: He hit him.

    4 February 2006: 8pm Wild Man Dance
    Back about a week and a half ago this smiley-face balloon showed up on our doorstep {attached to Granmama, of course}. E. was sick, and the balloon was supposed to cheer him up. Well, this is the gift that keeps on giving. You know how most helium balloons are kissing the floor within 48 hours? Not this balloon. This balloon is invincible.

    And now E. has developed this odd habit in regard to the balloon. Every night at 8pm sharp, just as our devotional time has ended and he is supposed to be heading to the bathroom to finish preparing for bed, he grabs the balloon with much enthusiasm and begins to shriek loudly and run through the hallways and in and out of various bedrooms. It’s amusing, to say the least.

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