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    Saying Goodbye to Old Blue

    September 9, 2006 by Brandy Vencel

    Yes, I am still sick, and I have the runny nose to prove it. But I am not so sick that I would overlook today’s passing of the torch. Old Blue has left our family forever.

    She was good to us. She took me to school for six straight years. She could hold nine churchgoing college students when necessary. She followed me into my marriage {which also occasioned my father to hand over the title, making her officially “mine”}. She was very patient in LA traffic. She brought my firstborn and secondborn home from the hospital. She spent 18 months faithfully lugging two carseats anywhere I asked her to. She didn’t even grimace when a third person occasionally squished in between those two carseats so as not to require the presence of a second car.

    But, sadly, with the addition of Number Three to our family, Old Blue just didn’t make the cut. I did tear up a bit, looking at her out the front window for the last time. She was, after all, my first car. And she was mine for eleven whole years. And I loved her. Had she possessed a third row of seats, I would have kept her until she died a natural death.


    Farewell, Old Blue, farewell.

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  • Reply kristie September 11, 2006 at 12:57 pm

    It’s the end of an era….

    I hope you soon feel better– both with respect to the sickness and the car. 🙂

  • Reply Grace September 10, 2006 at 3:55 am

    Oh Bran! I’m so sad! I’m sorry that I didn’t even ask about that when I called. I was only talking about myself. You are a true friend.

    I’m going to miss Old Blue. We had some good memories in that car.

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