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    The Darndest Things {01/07}

    January 23, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    23 January 2007: Interest in Languages
    E.: Mom? Can I call Grace and get her to talk Chinese to me?
    Mom: (while changing A.’s diaper) No.
    E.: Why not?
    Mom: Because she is at work. We don’t want to bother her. Maybe when she comes for a visit you can ask her to speak Chinese to you.
    E.: Well, I know other languages. I just don’t know how to talk them yet.


    22 January 2007: More Rules I Thought I’d Never Have
    1. Do not stand on the baby.
    2. Do not climb in the bassinet.
    3. Do not growl at the baby.
    4. Do not climb on Mommy’s back while she is nursing.
    5. Do not cover the baby’s face in Kleenex while Mommy is out of the room.
    6. Do not throw coasters in the bassinet.
    7. Stay out of the baby swing. The maximum weight is 20 pounds. You weigh 30.


    18 January 2007: Falling Up
    We’ve had a balloon around that someone had delivered to us in celebration of Q.’s birth. The kids love to play with it. We usually tie unweighted balloons to toys in order to keep them from flying to the tallest corner of our vaulted ceiling. Today, the balloon escaped. E. declared that it had “fallen up to the ceiling.”


    6 January 2007: E.’s Prayer Theology
    Today, E. walked up to Si, who was wrestling with our lawnmower to get it started. E. reminded Si that he should pray for the lawnmower. So, Si prayed aloud, asking God to have mercy on his Saturday morning. Si tried valiantly to get the thing started after that, but all was in vain. E. stood there thoughtfully and then declared, “Maybe God is too busy helping somebody else.”


    5 January 2007: First Outing
    I suppose today qualifies as my first official outing with Q., though it really wasn’t that exciting. She was checked by the pediatrician, and then I had my staples removed. It was a long afternoon for us, but I must say she was very relaxed and content through it all.


    2 January 2007: Out With the Old
    Tonight, the first night that we are at home as a family of five, E. points at A. and suggests that we “throw away the old baby and keep the new baby.”

    My, aren’t we glad she is still fairly oblivious?!


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    Don’t let E throw out A.

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