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    The Darndest Things {03/07}

    March 2, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    30 March 2007: Mommy the Priest
    E. got in trouble today. It happens, what with the sin nature and all. But sometimes it is so hard to keep from laughing at his folly! Today, he wanted to hold Baby Q., but he didn’t want to listen to an adult give him instructions on how to go about this properly. So I took him into a back room and explained that if he could not listen to instructions about how to hold the baby, he would not be allowed to hold her. During this time of discipline and instruction, my poor son’s heart was broken to pieces by the burdens he had apparently been carrying around since he awoke from his nap. And so began his confession. He picked his nose. He didn’t wash his hands before holding the baby. An enormous list of sins and trespasses came streaming out, and he sobbed as he told me all the horrors he imagined himself to be guilty of.

    I smiled, but tried not to laugh because it is true that he is not supposed to do these things. I assured him that he could learn to do what was right, and that I would help him remember. He seemed relieved at letting it all out! I now know what Charlotte Mason meant when she referred to children as being solemn creatures.


    14 March 2007: Kids DO Say the Darndest Things
    Si: What’d you have for snack at Cubbies tonight?
    E.: Cookies that looked like a palm tree.
    Si: How many did you have?
    E.: Two.
    Si: That’s a reasonable amount.
    E.: And then I had three more!


    6 March 2007: The Great Imitation
    I had this vision that once Q. was born, A. would play with her dolls alongside me as I took care of Q., and that this would help A. deal with having a new little person around. Family members got involved, and soon A. had a doll with a little baby car seat carrier, a rocking chair, and even a stroller {which E. insists on filling to the brim with his toy cars}.

    But nothing happened. In fact, it was like she knew what I wanted, for I would catch her rocking in her chair in secret. The second I walked into the room, she would jump out and run away.

    But today it clicked, and all was exactly as I had imagined it would be. As I was nursing Q., A. climbed up onto the couch next to me and put her baby in its carrier in her lap. When I burped Q., A. burped her baby. And then suddenly A. looked at me in absolute disgust. I asked her what was wrong, and she exclaimed, “EW! Stinky diaper!” {Well, actually it was, “Tinky dah-puh.} She went on and on. Finally, I suggested that she go change the baby’s diaper. She left the room, and I could hear her rummaging around in her own room {where we change her diapers}. When she came back, her doll smelled like baby wipes!

    So now I am trying to figure out how to rescue my wipes supply from her greedy little hands. She wasted half a box yesterday.


    6 March 2007: Just Around the Corner
    We were out driving this morning, which is a rare occurrence for us. I am slowly adding more errands back into the schedule as I adjust to having three, rather than two, children. The fruitless cherry trees that line our streets here are exploding into beautiful pink blossoms. I pointed them out to the children as we drove.

    Me: Oh! See those cherry trees all in flower?! Aren’t they gorgeous?
    E.: Yes! They are gorgeous!
    Me: That means spring is just around the corner.
    E.: {After sitting in a momentary thoughtful silence} Mom, what does “just around the corner” mean?
    Me: It’s a saying. It means that something is coming very soon.
    E.: Oh. Something is coming very soon.
    Me: {I drive up to a stoplight, filled with satisfaction that he understood it so fast.}
    E.: {As I stop at the light} Is it this corner??

    And then later, as he and Si are walking to the mailbox
    E.: {After Si, too, points out the trees} That means spring is just around the corner!
    Si: Where’d you hear that?
    E.: Mommy said it.


    4 March 2007: On Accents
    We had a guest speaker at church tonight. He was originally from Pakistan, I think, but he is a missionary to Sri Lanka. I didn’t think his accent was that bad. I’ve definitely heard worse. I understood him perfectly, even though I was in the Cry Room with three other mommies, each with a whimpering baby. When it was over, though, E. came into the Cry Room to greet me. He declared {to all who would listen}, “I didn’t understand a word that man because he talked funny!”


    1 March 2007: New Understanding
    We have a silly little foamy board book called My Pretty Kitten that A. just loves. We’ve been reading it to her on and off for almost a year. But recently, she noticed the page where it says, “After each meal, she washes her feet.” The illustration shows a kitten licking her paws. It is quite tastefully done, but A. seems to have a new understanding that the kitten is putting her tongue to her toes, which is gross if you think about it. A. thinks about it, for sure. Starting today, every time I read this page, she yells, “EWW!” before I can turn it!


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  • Reply Brandy March 7, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions! Your washcloth idea will work, I think. I have an extra travel wipes container that is refillable. I bet I could put a washcloth or two in there and teach her to use that instead.

    Thanks for the help!!

  • Reply Kimbrah March 7, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    Perhaps you could find some really cheap wipes at the 99cent store or something for A. to use on her baby? Or teach her to use a baby washcloth to wipe the “baby’s” bottom? That’s all I can think of. Too cute!

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