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    The Easter Basket Cake

    April 10, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    It’s no secret that I like to create cakes for most every occasion I can. Putting in the time is a way I like to express love for my family. I hope my children remember that I made their birthday cakes every year…even when there was a newborn around!

    When a family email went out asking what everyone wanted to bring to the Easter feast, I immediately volunteered to bring a cake. When I learned that around thirty guests were coming, I changed the cake I was planning on making to something simpler…and made two of them!

    Naturally, I got the idea from that wonderful cake resource over at Family Fun.

    I thought the photos below might also be helpful to anyone who wants to do this fun little project next year. I made the cake batter using two box mixes, all in one bowl. I have two stainless steel mixing bowls, and I tried my best to split the batter evenly between two, and then cooked them according to the Family Fun recipe I linked to above.

    The fun part is the decorating:

    Here is the naked cake, all nice and round from being cooked in a bowl. Cut a good-sized hole out of the center, and it is ready for frosting.

    I always make cakes a day before the event. This makes sure the project is completed on time, plus gives me the opportunity to redo it if I really mess up. Being that it was a day early, I made sure I frosted the inside of the hole using a spoon to get in all the little corners. Frosting protects cake from drying out. I use whippped frosting, as it spreads easier. If you add Cool Whip to make your own whipped frosting, you will have to refrigerate the cake. This is why I just pay extra and use the canned whipped frosting.

    The grass is made from coconut and green food dye. Check out the candy and ribbon first and make sure to aim for the right shade of green. Place the coconut in a sandwich baggie. For this light shade of green, I only used three or four drops of dye. Massage the two together, and coconut easter grass appears before your very eyes! Line the cake hole with the green coconut.

    Fill the lined hole with candy. I used the robin’s eggs style jelly beans, plus large chocolate malt balls shaped like eggs. I thought that the deep brown was a nice contrast to all the pastels.

    And here is the finished product! The “handles” are simply two pipe-cleaners {twisted together to make them long enough} and a ribbon. I bought the ribbon spools for a dollar each, and have plenty left over for a future project. Notice the ribbon and candy match. That was purposeful. These cakes doubled as a decoration on one of the tables. I thought it worked better to display one on a pedestal and one on a platter, to give it added dimension. This is one of my prettiest projects yet, and I can also say it was one of the easiest! Not a bad combination.

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