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    Electric Anniversary

    May 7, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    Although candy is the traditional gift for a sixth anniversary, Si and I both went electric this year. It was strange, because we are not gadget people by any scope of the imagination. In fact, I have been known to scowl at young couples on “dates” that are both talking on their cell phones. I think that modern technologies often interrupt the natural flow of human interaction, the development of relationships.

    However, this doesn’t mean I think all technology is inherently bad, or that I am any better than anyone else just because I didn’t know what a Blackberry was until last Tuesday.

    Si, being my protector, gave me my very own cell phone! I make frequent day trips to a town where I have extended family, and it has made both of us nervous that I have been driving there without any means of contacting someone if I have car trouble. So now I have a cell phone. Actually, it is an emergency phone because it doesn’t come with a plan. It is a Motorola Prepaid Phone with service through Cingular, which means I can call Grace for free.

    Of course, Rebecca has already pointed out to me that none of this matters since I generally refuse to call people or answer phones.

    My gift to Si was the Sandisk Sansa Express MP3 Player. Si has been in the habit of listening to educational CDs on his commute. I noticed he was running low on variety, and thought he would enjoy the replenish-able resource that is podcasting.

    Did you know Scriptorium Daily will begin podcasting any day now? I will feel like I’m back in college, listening to Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Moreland speak in chapel.

    I mean, Si will feel that way. Because I gave the MP3 player to him.


    So here is to our electric anniversary. To be followed shortly by my birthday. And then Mother’s Day. I love the month of May.

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  • Reply kristie May 7, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    I did think of you guys on Cinco de Mayo! You were smart to pick a “holiday” on which to wed. Congratulations and happy early birthday!

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