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    The Darndest Things {06/07}

    June 4, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    25 June 2007: Processing Information
    This morning during Catechism Time, E. said, “Mom, during Big Church I was reading my Bible, and my Bible says, ‘God’s name is great.’ But His name is not great. His name is God!”

    I, trying hard not to laugh at such a solemn face, said, “That is true, but the name that God has is a great name to have.”

    “Oh.” And then he smiled as he began to understand.

    25 June 2007: More New Words
    We are all about building vocabulary. The Boy is experimenting with new words again today. Last night, he declared to me that he is, in fact, mysterious. I can tell by his usage that he doesn’t know what it means, so today I explained to him that if he were mysterious, this would mean that we couldn’t understand him because he was confusing and part of him was hidden. He still insists that it’s true.

    A., on the other hand, is learning new words, too, but they are small. Today, she insists she is tall: “I tall,” she keeps saying.

    It seems our self-awareness levels are plummeting around here.

    23 June 2007: Just Teasing
    This is a story relayed to me by my sister. Apparently, she had my older daughter, A., on her lap for an extended period of time on Saturday afternoon. A. was picking her nose and refused to stop, so my sister, who is known for some Tall Tales, told her there was a worm up her nose that might bite her finger should she continue picking it. I am told that A. stopped, with a very sad look on her face. This continued for a while, so my sister decided it was time to confess.

    “I was only teasing you because I wanted you to stop picking your nose.”

    “Teasing,” repeated A. Then she smiled. “You funny.” And, after more thought, she points at herself. “I funny too!”

    23 June 2007: Now She Sits!
    Baby Q. now sits for 30 seconds. She likes to rock so much I thought she would never learn to sit, but apparently she changed her mind.

    22 June 2007: Precise Answers
    Dad: Did you throw that at her?

    E.: No.

    Dad: How did it get there?

    E.: I threw it.

    Apparently at her was the operative phrase here.

    4 June 2007: Q. is Going Places!
    Well, Baby Q. is crawling. Not well, mind you. Today was the very beginning, though, of what should rightfully be called crawling. She hasn’t decided on the method to her madness, so getting from Bookcase to Coffee Table {where Mommy was} required a combination of tip-toe maneuvers, knee-jumping, rolls, and useless swimming motions. The point is not so much that she did well, for she is indeed a novice, but that she made the connection. She was at Point A and spied Point B, determined that Point B was where she desired to be, and took action. She solved her own problem. That place in the brain where it all comes together? That is the true beginning of crawling.

    3 June 2007: Literalism Overheard

    E. to Si: No, you cannot read my lips because there are no words on them!

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