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    A Summer Book Club of Sorts?

    June 12, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    I know you all are itching for the good old days when you collected stickers and junky prizes from the local librarian in exchange for reading every children’s book in the library. Well, this time around, the prize is your words in print here on Afterthoughts {if you like}. The byline can be yours or Anonymous, depending on your personality and preference.

    If you’re not following me here, you’re probably not alone. Here’s the skinny: Last night, I received my complimentary review copy of a new book called The Organic God by Margaret Feinberg. In exchange for my copy of the book, I am supposed to write up a review and post it here on the blog.

    But I thought it would be fun to do it together! Unfortunately, I cannot get free copies for everyone, so I understand if this isn’t the new read you are wanting to spend those precious dollars on. However, if you are willing to spend the cash, or are able to get your hands on a borrowed copy, then please join me!

    Buy the book {you get extra points if you buy it through one of my Amazon links}, begin to read, and email me your insights. Remember the three-fold review format as {posted in its entirety here}:

    • Good: Does the book accomplish goodness in a moral sense? Does it seek what is good? Does it actually reach what is good?
    • True: This is both a fact-check and an ultimate-reality check. Are the historical facts presented true? More importantly, are the author’s observations and conclusions in line with Scripture?
    • Beautiful: I give a lot of freedom here. First, is the cover beautiful? Is the type-setting appealing? Are there lots of distracting typographical errors? But also, is the writer’s style beautiful? Is the writer a great writer, in the sense of the standards of the craft?

    If you want to participate in my Review Club, you do not have to write a full review. I am the one who agreed to do that. But I do wish you to send me any insights you gain and try as hard as possible to fit them into the above categories. If you read the book over a period of three weeks, you can email me every day if you like, or one big email at the end. You can decide you only want to comment on one category, or two, or all three. There is a lot of liberty here.

    But, if I like what you say, you have to agree that I can use your thoughts in my final review{s}. I will give you credit if you like, or I will keep you Anonymous. Just declare your desires up front so there is no confusion. Also, be warned that any comments will be edited for grammar and spelling. I call my husband Grammar Guy for a reason.

    So….Anyone want to join me? If so, please email me ASAP. I will try and set up a timeline soon.

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