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    Potty Training Day 1 Score Sheet

    July 17, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    Before I begin, I suppose I should share my scoring basics. A success {defined as making it to Potty Chair without requiring any cleanup work on the part of Mom} earns one point. A failure {defined as requiring some amount of cleanup and usually a change of underwear} subtracts one point. A major failure {defined as requiring much cleanup as well as conscious effort to keep from vomiting} subtracts two points. Two bonus points can be earned for staying clean and dry during the afternoon nap, and I suppose I would allow for three bonus points should a person stay clean and dry through out the entire night.

    Not that I expect anyone to stay clean and dry all night after their first real day of Potty Training Boot Camp.

    Today’s scores were as follows:

    Successes +8 points
    Failures -3 points
    Major Failures -2 points
    Naptime Bonus +2 points
    Overnight Bonus 0 points

    This makes the Day One Potty Training Boot Camp Score a total of +5 points. Not bad for your first day, Little Girl.

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