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    Potty Training Day 5 Score Sheet

    July 21, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    Today was monumental for a few reasons. First, A. woke up with a nice, crisp, dry, clean, insert-adjective-here diaper. We were so proud! Next, we had no failures of any kind today. And, lastly and most importantly, I had to take Baby Q. to the pediatrician, so Granmama took the big kids for the day and that means I took the day off.

    I even took a nap.

    Before I give today’s scores, I was thinking that this whole scoring idea isn’t based on the right theory. Though I definitely want to see the negative points {failures} eliminated, I also want to see the positive points decrease in number because that means she is spending less time on the Potty Chair in general. We really can’t spend our whole lives visiting the restroom every twenty-five minutes.

    However, today does receive a new high score:
    Successes +13
    Failures 0
    Major Failures 0
    Naptime Bonus 0
    Nighttime Bonus +3

    This makes today’s total score a whopping +16.

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