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    Potty Training Day 6 Score Sheet

    July 22, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    There were a number of great victories today. If we keep it up, I do believe I will be able to declare our little girl “fully potty-trained” by this time next week! Among our great triumphs were being able to swim without a diaper {and proven trustworthy in that regard!} and also asking to go to the restroom rather than being told that it was time.

    That’s right. After three grandmas {well, two great grandmas and one grandma} telling me that I should figure out how long she can wait between bathroom breaks and then set a timer for that amount, I finally gave in. A couple days ago, I began setting a timer for twenty-five minutes. This is when the number of failures declined significantly.

    It’s been much less stressful ever since.

    And tonight, we made a trip to Great Gran’s house. She survived the ride without incident, and the lack of timer was of no consequence because she became self-aware enough to ask to go.

    It was great.

    So here are the scores:
    Successes +12
    Failures -1
    Major Failures 0
    Naptime Bonus +2
    Overnight Bonus 0

    Today’s total is +13.

    She will not be going to Sunday School tomorrow {just the main service as a family}, so this gives me one more week to perfect her new skill.

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