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    The Darndest Things {07/07}

    August 1, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    31 July 2007: Flower Power
    As we drove yesterday morning to Trader Joe’s, my son pointed out the window to a power plant we were passing. “What’re all those houses for?” he asked. I explained that they weren’t houses, but that they were all part of a power plant, which is where our electricity comes from. “A power plant?” he asked. I thought he was double-checking his pronunciation. “Yes,” I affirmed.

    Tonight, our son informed my husband that I taught him electricity comes from flowers.

    31 July 2007: Getting Around
    Baby Q. is perfecting her crawling. Unlike her sister A., she is not intimidated by The Place Where the Carpet Meets the Lineoleum. Because of this, she feels free to roam the house. I try not to let her, but sometimes she escapes my notice. Today, she had been playing with her siblings in the Playroom. I had left momentarily to take care of some things, and then suddenly I heard her behind me.

    She came to find me!

    My heart soared because here was an act of the will. She wanted me, and she came to find me. Once she could see me, she sat up, clapped her hands together, and smiled a delighted smile right at me. I felt such love. For the first time, I knew we were together because she wanted it rather than because I did.

    31 July 2007: Falling Out of Bed
    My daughter A. gets cold easily, and she does not like being cold. She likes everything warm. She likes her food warm, some of her drinks warm, her bath warm, and her self warm, especially when she is trying to sleep.

    At almost 2:00 this morning, I awoke to the sound of my little girl whimpering. I went to check on her, but I didn’t have my contacts on, so I couldn’t see. I entered her room and heard her little voice crying, “My feet! My feet!” This is what she says when her feet are cold. I had thought this problem would go away in the Big Girl Bed because it was easier to keep covers on.

    Because I couldn’t see well, and had been in a deep sleep when she called, I had trouble finding her. I soon discovered that this was because she was on the floor. “Did you fall out of bed?” I asked. “Yes,” she answered. “My feet!”

    She is so funny to me. Our son would have been horrified that he fell. She would never have told us, would have slept all night right there on the floor, had she brought a blanket with her. Her only complaint was the cold.

    28 July 2007: One Big Girl
    It took less than two weeks, and A. is totally daytime potty trained. And then tonight, she is sleeping {for the first time} in her own big girl bed. I thought she would be bouncy and giggly due to the excitement, but she actually approached it all with much seriousness and concern. I brought her into her room and showed her how pretty I had made her bed. She jumped up and began to analyze the quilt. I might have picked a pattern that was too busy–she kept staring at it and pointing out how the different fabrics in different places matched each other.

    And then it was bedtime. I took a couple pictures for the sake of posterity and then told her to hop in. She ran over to the crib {which will belong to Baby Q. in a couple weeks} and began to scale the side, softly saying, “No, Mommy. Crib.” But I told her the Big Girl Bed was where she would sleep from now on. She jumped down, looking troubled, but said, “Okay.”

    I asked her if she wanted a pillow. “No.” I reminded her she could still sleep on her tummy. “No.” I handed her her little doll and that seemed to improve the situation. She was serious, and looked so small, and Daddy and I prayed with her. And then we left her there in that big bed.

    15 July 2007: English Language Nuances
    Si spent some time this morning singing hymns with E. and A. in his lap. On the way home from church, E. mentioned to Si that he would like to do that again sometime in the afternoon. Then he asked, “Do you have any hers, too?”

    Get it? Hymns and hers.

    Funny kid.

    15 July 2007: Potty-Training Her Baby
    After church this morning, as I was preparing a bottle for Q., I caught A. in her room, giving her doll a very severe look. Her doll was on its back in the area where I usually change A.’s diapers. A. was scolding Doll for not using the toilet {toy-yet}, and was frantically searching for her baby wipes {which are actually tiny washcloths}. I attempted to assist her by bringing her the “wipe” she had misplaced. She scowled at me, and went back to her business.

    Later, while I was feeding Q., A. stomped into the room in frustration saying, “She pooped in toy-yet!” I didn’t really understand her, so I asked her to repeat herself. “Pooped in toy-yet!”

    “Oh,” I answered, “Well, bring her here.”

    A. stomped off. I heard the clattering of the miniature potty chair we keep in the hall bathroom. A. returned, with her doll in hand. “See?” she shrieked, thrusting her baby’s rear end into my face. “She no pooped in toy-yet!” She turned the baby over and scowled at her again.

    “Well, go take her back and have her sit on it again. Maybe she will do better next time.” I was trying not to laugh at this diaper-wearing potty-training tyrant.

    “Okay.” She furrowed her brow at the doll in warning, and returned to business. When she returned later, she was all smiles at her doll’s apparent success.

    We start Potty Training Week tomorrow morning, bright and early.

    6 July 2007: My First Love Note
    I have been teaching E. how to write. Also, we recently put a desk in his room so that he would have a space to do some Big Boy activities during our afternoon nap/quiet time. These two things converged today. I found a drawing of various shapes on the island in the kitchen. When I flipped it over, sprawled in capital letters on the back was: “I LUF MOM.”

    Does it get any better than this?

    2 July 2007: The First of Many Injuries
    I spent most all of this morning at our local Urgent Care facility. I figure this is a good a story as any to start off this month’s Darndest Things List. A., our resident two-year-old, would follow her brother anywhere, even off a cliff. This weekend, she followed his lead while Mom was out of the room. He jumped off of the dining table to the floor. And then she tried to imitate him. Only he knows how to land correctly when jumping from great heights. She does not.

    And she hasn’t walked since.

    Did I mention how embarrassing it is to tell this story to people? Why don’t I just brand the words Negligent Mom onto my forehead?

    It didn’t swell up too badly, and it didn’t turn an ugly black and blue, but since she was still refusing to walk this morning, I decided to call our doctor. Who turned out to be on vacation.

    Urgent Care, then.

    Fun fun fun. Check in. Take vitals. March to X-ray. Take X-ray. Sit in patient room. Wait for doctor.

    Wait for doctor.

    Wait for doctor.

    Doctor says everything looks fine, but radiologist should examine X-ray, and this will take two days.

    Why does this take two days? We do not know, but it will.

    So. Spent all morning at doctor. Everything looks fine, but child is still not walking.

    Did I mention I am carrying her everywhere? This is her dream-come-true. Perhaps it is all a ruse so that she can be held all day long the way she likes.

    She is our dare devil child, taking unusual risks and such. And she really isn’t smart about it, walking around with her hands over her eyes, and then acting offended that a wall jumped in front of her. If any of our children will have a childhood full of broken limbs, it will be her.

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  • Reply Rahime August 1, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    I’m with A. on being cold…don’t really care where I sleep as long as I’m warm!


  • Reply Brandy July 3, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    Don’t worry, Grace. She is limping now. 🙂

    Kimbrah, I’m pretty sure that A. and Bobby could get in a whole lot of trouble together if they hung out more often!

  • Reply Kimbrah July 3, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    Are you sure A. and Bobby weren’t twins separated at birth? This story sounds all too familiar…

  • Reply Gracie July 3, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    Oh my! Those kids! I guess A. just loves her big brother so much that she wants to do everything just like him! 🙂

    I’m glad that everything is alright. Maybe she’ll learn to walk again….:)

    Love ya!

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