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    School Away from Home

    August 29, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    I can assure you that the final week of August is most definitely not an ideal time for the air conditioner to go out. How do I know this? Because my air conditioner is out. Did I mention it is over one hundred degrees outside? Because it is. This only matters when the air conditioning is out.

    And so today we did school away from home. Actually, the children played with their great grandfather while I ran home to get all of the things we forgot. And then we crammed in some school right before nap. When E. awakens, he might get to read some Nate the Great to his granddad if Granddad is up for it.

    This is the School-in-a-Bag version of homeschooling, where everything for school is in the bag. Good thing we decided to get those binders.

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