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    Evolution: Ideas Have Consequences {Follow-Up}

    October 9, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    I received an interesting email in response to yesterday’s post. This gave me many things to think about, and also a point of clarification that I believe is fitting. First and foremost, Mason’s point is that ideas have consequences. Like sin, we often cannot choose our consequences. Following the paragraph that I quoted yesterday, Mason continues:

    Darwin himself protests against the struggle for existence being the most potent agency where the higher part of man’s nature is concerned, and he no more thought of giving a materialistic tendency to modern education than Locke thought of teaching principles which should bring about the French Revolution; but men’s thoughts are more potent than they know, and these two Englishmen may be credited with influencing powerfully two world-wide movements. {emphasis mine}

    Our thoughts are not isolated. They effect our own conduct and, eventually, the conduct of others. If we broadcast our thoughts, they may even effect the many.

    My urging in the last post was intended to be, for the most part, that we examine our thoughts and test them for truth, that we make sure every thought is captive to Christ. This is a good protection from devastating consequences from wrong thinking run wild.

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