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    The Darndest Things {11/07}

    November 6, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    It’s that time again! Let me remind you that this list is updated as more wacky things happen. It is for the sake of the grandparents that I try to begin this post early on.

    11 November 2007: Big Kid Teeth
    My “baby” boy just lost his first tooth. It was only yesterday that he told us it was wiggling {though it had ached a bit during the preceding week, and I was already Suspicious}. Then tonight, he was lying on the couch playing with it, and out it popped! He came up to me, and I could tell he had mixed feelings about it. I did, too. After all, I never can get these kids to stop growing for a short while so I can enjoy the moment. So we hugged him {and told him not to bleed on the couch} and it was fine.

    I still can’t believe he is old enough for Big Kid Teeth.

    8 November 2007: Bedtime Prayers
    E.: Dear Lord, If there was a god we could see…and it was You…and it had hands…we would be amazed. That hand would be holding everything because it was so big. So, so big. You are so big, God.

    7 November 2007: Knowledge Synthesis
    E. during morning prayer: Please help Daddy to be responsible…just like Danny Meadowmouse, because he felt responsible…

    6 November 2007: Nothing but Trouble
    I just found A. drinking honey straight from the bottle. Why do I feel like I have written this sentence before? Oh, that’s why.

    5 November 2007: Mt. Toddler
    E. was trying to tell a story to his dad in the car. A. was determined to speak her mind at the same time.

    E. to A.: A.! Quit erupting!

    It was Si who pointed out that he meant interrupting.

    5 November 2007: Being Ben Franklin
    We have been reading a biography of Ben Franklin. Franklin’s father took him to every craftsman in the city when he was around eleven so that Franklin could choose a trade. E. found this fascinating.

    E. on the phone with Granddad: You know what I’m going to be? I’m going to be a printer. My father is going to take me to every printer in the city so that I can learn from them.

    5 November 2007: Where the Wild Things are
    E. over the phone: You know that hole I’ve been digging in the backyard? Well, I drained all the water out, and you know what happened? A big ant came out! And then a big spider. And then a bull frog. But it hopped away. And then another big ant…

    I am now officially afraid to go outside.

    5 November 2007: Speak Clearly
    A.: I fish!
    Me: You’re fishing?
    A.: No! I fi-i-sh!!
    Me: How nice to fish! {I’m trying to get away with not knowing what she is saying.}
    A.: {Stamping foot} I Fi-IIIII-sh!
    Me: Oh! Finished! Good job, Honey, you’re finished.
    A.: Yes, Mommy, fish.

    4 November 2007: Learning to Share a Room
    This isn’t funny, but I don’t want to forget that it happened. When it happened. A couple of weeks ago, we moved Q. into A.’s room. It took a while, but they have since learned to go to sleep without screaming and carrying on until ten o’clock at night.

    But the time changed.

    So this morning they woke up at 5:45 and giggled from then on. It is going to be a long week until their rythyms adjust to the new time.

    But, oh, they are so cute, sharing a room, so delighted to see each other when going to bed and waking up.

    However, I must secretly confess that I miss having Q. in our room. I loved waking up to her smiling face in the mornings. We only moved her in order to train her to share a room before we leave for Nashville right after Christmas…

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