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    The UN: Speaking Lies or Ignorance?

    November 18, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    This weekend, Matt Drudge is flashing the headline: UN WARNING OF ‘UNRECOGNIZABLE’ EARTH. If you read the article, which is another example of politically correct global warming alarmist propoganda, you will find this little jewel:

    “We have already committed the world to sea level rise,” the panel’s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, said. But if the Greenland ice sheet melts, the scientists said, they could not predict by how many feet the seas will rise, drowning coastal cities.

    Dear readers, let us not be ignorant of history. This is what allows us to be sucked into these sorts of assertions, which are founded upon the assumption {lie??} that Greenland has been covered in ice since the beginning of time. In my search to find something I could link to that you could actually read, I found a book by Roger Sands called Forestry in a Global Context. In it, Sands writes:

    A more recent example is Greenland which supported a thriving agricultural community about 1000 years ago. Agriculture was abandoned in the 15th century because of falling temperatures and now some cultivation is resuming.

    For the UN to say that they “cannot predict” what will happen when the ice sheet melts is to say that they refuse to look back through history and see what the earth looked like when Greenland had no ice sheet! If I were pessimistic, I would say that they know full well that Greenland once was truly green, and they are lying to serve their own purposes, which is to control the peasantry, using the planet as their justification for taking away the natural rights of the people.

    Good thing I’m not a pessimist.

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