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    The Darndest Things {12/07}

    December 6, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    It’s time for another month of wild and crazy antics! The stars of our show are Big Boy E. {aged 5.5}, the lovely Miss A. {aged 2.75}, and Baby Q. {who will turn 1 on December 31st}. These lists really do work better than a baby book. Baby books are too proper to have places to write out funny stories. Besides, the stories are often so intertwined I’d have to write it in each child’s book.

    Better to have one family list. At least, this is what works for me.

    So on to the fun.

    20 December 2007: She Loves Him
    After lunch today, we had some extra time. The girls romped around the playroom trashing the bookcases while E. and I cuddled up on a giant bean bag together to read. Q. toddled over and began to interrupt this process by climbing all over us. She is still quite uncoordinated, and I watched her with interest, for it was obvious she was trying to get somewhere to do something…we just weren’t sure what. I assumed, because she is in love with me, that she would plop herself in my lap.

    But she didn’t.

    No. She plopped herself in his lap. She smiled up at him. He hugged her. She squealed…and then crawled away.

    20 December 2007: Big Songs for Little People
    There is nothing cuter than a toddler wandering around the house singing, “What can wash uh-why my SIN? Nuh-ting but the bud of JeeeeeeSUS!” over and over and over because those are the only two lines she remembers.

    19 December 2007: He’s Growing Up
    Today, when I was tucking E. in for his afternoon nap, I noticed that his doll, bear, and two blankets {with which he has insisted on sleeping ever since he was old enough to insist on anything} were all missing. I checked the upper bunk, and, sure enough, he had stored all his treasures up top.

    “Why are your doll and bear and blankets up there?” I asked him.

    “I don’t want them any more,” he smiled. He looked a little unsure about what I would think. “I am saving them for another boy.”

    He means a new baby. I am not pregnant, but I hope the next time around God blesses us with a boy so that E. can complete his joy by giving his baby toys to a little brother.

    5 December 2007: Rocks in my Dryer
    Miss A. has a new affection for rocks. She finds them everywhere, can spot them a mile away. She adores putting them in her pockets, only to forget about them. And no matter how many times I think I’ve emptied them, I find a rock in every load of laundry.

    She doesn’t like to share them, and can often be heard shrieking, “No, E.! That my wock. That my wock!”

    For Christmas, we are getting her a plastic purse. It’s clear so that she can put her treasures inside and still see them.

    5 December 2007: The Little Gymnast
    It’s been a week or two since Baby Q. took her first uncertain steps. She is now trying to walk almost every time she wants to go somewhere. She is a Maggie Simpson in this regard. She walks with a rhythm: step step thump….step step thump.

    It is interesting to watch her walk because she is my smallest child. {Those of you who knew E. as a baby are probably shocked to hear this.} She is compact, petite, and probably weighs around 16 pounds even though she is only a few weeks from her first birthday. Her lightness gives her an incredible agility, and she looks like a gymnast as she falls, only to hoist herself back up in what is almost a bounce.

    4 December 2007: The Apologist
    E. was reading me some of his book for Sparks. When got got to John 1:1 in his book he read: “In the beginning was the Word [Jesus Christ], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This concerned me greatly, especially because he was reading to me, so I couldn’t see the brackets. And, of course, it still concerned me. Honestly, I think there are so many verses more appropriate for young children than having them memorize something requiring so much abstract thought.

    E. instantly became animated: “I don’t believe that Mom! This is not true. This is just not true.”

    Fearing that he was becoming like his mother, I tried to put a stop to it. I reminded him that there are many things that he doesn’t understand, which is different from not believing them. So he pulled out his Bible. He turned to Genesis. With a tight voice, he read me Genesis 1:1. He pointed. “This is the beginning,” he says. Then he turned to the New Testament. “Jesus wasn’t born until here. So I don’t believe this.”

    So then I had to explain that the words “Jesus Christ” weren’t actually in the John passage, that Sparks had taken liberties with the text. We read the verse in the Bible so he could see the difference. Then we went through the Catechism, which confirmed that the Son of God was God, and therefore had all His qualities, including being eternal and infinite. Then we talked about how the Son of God was present at creation, whereas He didn’t aquire the name Jesus until he was conceived and the angel told Mary what His name was supposed to be, and then He wasn’t called Christ until even later than that.

    I get tired even writing this. The point is that our young apologist calmed down. He decided, however, not to memorize “Jesus Christ” as if it was part of the verse. “Because it isn’t, Mom,” he said.

    1 December 2007: Best Excuse of the Year
    E. actually said this to me last month, but I kept forgetting to write it down. No matter. It still takes the prize. When in trouble and being disciplined, I told him that he was going to have to learn to obey without being asked a second time and with a good attitude. His response? “But I can’t obey! Sin has corrupted the whole world!”

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    Thanks, Kimbrah. 🙂

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    “But I can’t obey, Sin has corrupted the whole world!”

    That is so awesome! I love your kids, Brandy. 🙂


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