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    Merry Christmas and My Gift to You

    December 24, 2007 by Brandy Vencel

    My father sent me something earlier this week, but it wasn’t until last night that Si and I were able to settle down and enjoy it. It was so wonderful, so enlightening and enriching, that I decided to give you all a link for Christmas.

    So here you go. As you can see if you clicked on the link, it is an audio collection of the speeches of Ronald Reagan. The first one is perhaps the most important because it is here that Reagan compares and contrasts conservatism with liberalism {which is a fancy name for socialism} and explains why liberalism {socialism} is not compatible with the American experiment.

    I would say that having become so liberal since this speech was given {in 1964} it is hard to say that our country is still “American” in the classical sense, in the sense that America was an experiment in the realm of ideas.

    All of that to say, continuing education is the best gift any human person could give or receive, I think.

    So Merry Christmas.

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