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    Brought to You by the Letter Q

    January 10, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    I was out of town on Baby Q.’s first birthday {December 31st} and so I never wrote a post about it. But I need to, I must, for how can a mother not reflect a little when coming upon the anniversary of her child’s birth?

    Q. has brought many {mostly welcome} changes to our life. There is one more little one giggling in the pile of people on the living room floor in the evenings, for instance. When folks ask me about the transition to three, I have to confess it was much, much easier than I had expected. I had heard some major horror stories. But then I also say that it was easy because she was easy, as far as babies go. I imagine transitioning to three could be a nightmare if the baby had colic!

    But that is Q.: clean, neat, easy, and sweet. Even during our end of the year Food Poisoning Party, Q., the baby of the family, made it to the bucket and prevented many a midnight floor shampooing. She was our favorite child that week.

    Q. also made us a “large” family in the eyes of others, which has been so interesting to us since we don’t think three children is exactly something to panic about. Older moms at church {those Titus 2 women?} look at me and assure me that I must be exhausted or overwhelmed and that they have no idea what they would do if they were me. I joke with Si that I will count how many people tell us we “have our hands full” on the way from the parking lot to the church door. I actually had a woman tell me how sorry she was for me when I was out buying two different sizes of diapers this time last year.

    Yes, Q. has given us a taste for how the world–and the church–really view children.

    But I think the strangest change of all has been in Q. herself. There were the Usual Changes: going from a squeaky, helpless, weak babe, to a toddler who is, as I type, throwing toy eggs at her older siblings. But there was one other change that is most notable.

    Does anyone remember that Q. was born with black hair? I had had dreams that this baby would have dark hair, so it was no real surprise for me, but Si was a bit in shock and put a hat on her for many days to “make her look right.” You see, E. was born bald and was still bald on his first birthday. I don’t think he had his first haircut until he was almost three, and by that time he had a head of strawberry-blonde curls. A. was born with strawberry fuzz and still has never had a haircut.

    Q. has as much hair now as the others did at two. But the interesting thing is that her hair is no longer black. It has slowly faded and lightened. I remember saying something about my “dark-headed baby” and the woman I was talking to looked mystified. It was then that I realized that, somehow, Baby Q. had begun to look like the others.

    Here is a recent photo {no faces…sorry, folks} of Q. with E.:

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