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    GFCF Corn Breakfast Cakes

    February 8, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    Have I ever mentioned that cereal is basically an impossibility? I always loved cereal, but there are so many ingredients in them my children can’t eat. Even the fancy, gluten-free casein-free cereals often contain either soy {to which they are also allergic} or some sort of chemical or preservative {to which my son is quite sensitive, though I’m not sure I’d call it an allergy}. And the one box of cereal I have found that is okay? It cost five dollars a box, and the manufacturer doesn’t feel obligated to publish coupons. Ever.

    But that’s okay. Really. I say this not to complain, but rather to explain why in the world I have these strange recipes. I don’t know anyone else who makes their kids corn cakes in the morning. But I do, and so I’m giving out the recipe in case anyone else wants to experiment.

    By the way, the corn cakes are actually a compromise food. The children were begging me for grits {a cornmeal porridge}. I didn’t want to make two separate breakfasts, but I will also tell you honestly that the texture of grits is not my favorite thing. Not that I would admit this to the children. I simply told them I would come up with something.

    If you are going to serve cornmeal-based food with any regularity, you need to soak it in limewater. I make limewater by putting three generous spoonfuls of pickling lime into a quart-sized mason jar. I fill it almost to the top with purified water and shake it up. Then, I put it in the pantry and let it all settle. This settling process usually takes about 12 hours. When it’s done, the clear part is the limewater and the white part is the leftover lime, which can be used to enhance your garden once you’re done.

    So here are the instructions. Please note that this recipe must be started the night before. It is kind of a combination of Sue Gregg blender baking, Nourishing Traditions, and my Gran’s fried grits all rolled into one.

    GFCF Corn Breakfast Cakes
    1.5 cups whole dried corn
    purified water
    1 large egg
    3 Tb extra virgin olive oil
    3 Tb turbinado
    1/2 tsp sea salt

    1. The night before, put whole corn into a blender. Fill just to covering with limewater and begin to blend. Add limewater as needed. This is a lot like blending ice, and seems to require a different amount of limewater each time I do it! Just keep adding limewater to keep the vortex going in the center of the blender. Blend a minute for a coarse grind, three or four minutes for a fine grind. I do a fine grind.

    2. Let this sit overnight.

    3. Start blender, and add purified water if needed to get the vortex going in the blender. Add egg, oil, turbinado, and sea salt. Add more water if you need to. This isn’t a very sensitive recipe.

    4. Cook it in a skillet like you would pancakes. It will look like flat yellow pancakes. You could probably add in a teaspoon or two of baking soda if you wanted it to rise, but they don’t do this in Little House on the Prairie, so we don’t either.

    5. Serve like toast. At least, this is how me like it. We use real-fruit jellies or honey.

    As a reminder: kids with allergies are prone to aquiring other allergies. It’s some sort of immune response that I don’t completely understand, though I’ve read a lot about allergies. What I do know is that rotation can help prevent new allergies. So, if you are going to regularly serve this recipe to an extra-sensitive child, you can try doing what we do: taking at least two days off during the week to eat something else. I would suggest a gluten-free porridge {made from gluten-free oats, teff, amaranth, or whatever you like} because this would help you take the day off from both corn and eggs at the same time.

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