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    Obamarama Next Week!

    February 15, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    C‘mon. I couldn’t resist such a title. You know you think it’s funny. So what is Obamarama, exactly? Well, it’s not nearly as silly as it sounds. It’s a challenge, actually, to all my brilliant and thinking readers out there.

    Let me explain.

    I have a knee-jerk rejection of Obama. I fully admit this. He’s a Democrat, and though I feel the urge to cut up my own party’s card {does anyone really have a card?}, I am adamantly not a Democrat. Yes, this starts with the abortion issue. But really, it flows through my entire view on government’s place in the world.

    My instincts tell me that Obama is a traditional Democrat Fabian, definitely a socialist, but perhaps actually a communist at heart? It’s hard to tell with a guy who has mastered the part of dispensing meaningless soundbites.

    And I don’t just make that last statement to slight the guy. I mean I literally listen to his speeches {well, excerpts courtesy of the media} and there are very few words that have actual, defined meaning. He speaks sentence after sentence that can be interpreted any which way. He rarely discusses policy {outside of the war}, and when he does it is in a vague manner.

    Of course, most politicians do this. If someone else were the media’s darling, I’d be picking on them.

    So here’s my challenge:

    1. Do some research. Let’s make it fun and pull our collective intellectual resources. Si has already started on this, and I invite you all to join us. Go through his website. Examine his YouTube speeches. Read transcripts of speeches. Most importantly, try and find his voting record. Look for real facts and concrete evidence. Being “for change” and “unity” is not real because, to my knowledge, he has never given a substantial definition of what he actually means by this. Look for the real deal.
    2. Analyze it. Not everything will be easy to pin down using the Bible, but I highly suggest that your analysis be focused on either defending or attacking Obama’s position using Scripture. Remember, Scripture is useful for everything. This includes figuring out economics or solving our educational woes. By the way, this doesn’t mean you have to write a ten-page paper. You could just say something like, “He voted for x, which seems in conflict with the Bible in verse y:z.” Make sense?
    3. Email me your findings. One finding, a page of findings, whatever you like. I want to spend most of next week posting on Obama’s actual positions. I will post not just what I think, but what you readers think. I will quote you, as long as you cite your sources.

    I’ve been getting lots of emails spreading lies about Obama, that he is openly Muslim, that he swore in on the Koran, that sort of thing. These things are not true. However, my gut instinct is that there are plenty of intelligent and spiritual reasons not to vote for him. But let’s find out {together} if I’m right or wrong.

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  • Reply Brandy February 16, 2008 at 12:31 am

    Kim, I would LOVE receiving anything you and Dominic wish to contribute to my Obama roundup! I’m going to attempt to go all week looking through the various issues. Maybe I’ll discover who he really is and what he stands for. Email me if you want to help out. 🙂

  • Reply Dominic and Kimberly February 16, 2008 at 12:20 am

    I am so pleased to read your comments on the Obama revolution. Dominic and I were listening to him the other night and commenting on the lack of depth in what he is saying. Really, his words don’t say anything at all. If you actually stop and think about what his words, you’re left with more questions than answers.

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