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    Brunette GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes

    March 18, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    I mentioned yesterday that rotating grains is the key to making sure allergic kids don’t build up intolerances. Any doctor that has studied food allergies will tell you this. Think of allergies as an overall immune dysfunction. Right now, my kids’ immune systems treat wheat and casein and soy as if they were cold viruses. This means their immune systems attack the proteins in these foods. But immune systems can decide to attack something else, either instead of the former foods or, more likely, in addition to the former foods.

    So, there is a general rule of thumb that comes into play here: Rotation helps with prevention.

    Since pancakes are something easy for me to whip up in the morning (that are also fairly inexpensive), I make them almost daily. There are a couple ways to do rotation. For instance, I could just alternate my two pancake recipes every-other-day. Or, I could do three days in a row of one, and then three days in a row of another. I’d like to do this long term, once I’m growing some of my own fruit. I envision three days of one recipe, and then one day of smoothies made from fruit and organic almond milk. Doing it this way would give us a day off of eggs as well.

    A girl can dream, right?

    So today’s recipe is yesterday’s recipe’s alter ego. Nobody seems to like my brunette recipe as well as my blonde recipe, and I can’t say that I blame them. After all, I was blonde until after I had my first child, when my hair suddenly darkened into an unrecognizable shade of brown. I certainly enjoyed blonde more than I have brunette.

    But I maintain that grain rotation is more important than anyone’s hair color preference.


    I suppose one could lower the amount of teff grain and instead add more rice, which would soften it up a bit, kind of like adding highlights. But this is hard for me to do, knowing how wonderfully nutritious teff is.

    Without further delay, here is the recipe:

    Brunette GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes
    1/2 cup whole buckwheat
    1/2 cup whole teff
    1/2 cup whole jasmine rice
    1.5 cups water + 1.5 Tb lemon juice
    3 Tb sugar (agave syrup is gaining in popularity–would it work here?)
    3 Tb olive oil
    1 large egg
    1/2 tsp sea salt
    2 tsp gluten-free non-aluminum baking powder

    1. The night before place the water + lemon juice combo in a glass blender. If you are using a plastic blender, then do this step in a glass bowl. Acid and plastic overnight is asking for a problem! Finely grind the buckwheat, teff and rice in a coffee grinder (might take more than one batch to get it all ground) and dump in the blender. Blend. (If you are using a glass bowl, just stir it up until it’s thoroughly mixed.)

    2. In the morning, start the blender. Add sugar, oil, and egg. You need a good vortex in the center before adding the baking powder. If there isn’t one by this time, add small amounts of water until you get one. Add salt. Slowly add baking powder, aiming for the center of the vortex. This is important if you don’t want yucky clumps of baking powder in your pancakes.

    3. Cook just like regular pancakes. Makes about a dozen 3-inch pancakes. They even rise a bit! Top with real maple syrup (we like grade B because it’s a little bit lighter to taste). Remember: butter contains casein, and the cheaper the butter, the more casein it contains (as a general rule). Use a substitute if you need something on top. Other options might include raw honey (which aids in starch digestion since it contains amylase) or all-fruit spreads.

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