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    GFCF Meal Plan for Mar 3-10

    March 4, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    It’s time for another GFCF weekly meal plan! You might notice that the beginning of this week looks suspiciously like the end of last week. I can explain. First of all, I am pregnant and therefore reserve the right to change the menu at a moment’s notice. More importantly, when you are working up to a birthday party that requires a lot of refrigerator space, sometimes meals have to be rearranged. We just didn’t have room for lots of leftovers.

    So we ate them.

    Anyhow, GFCF newbies, as I’ve said before, might need some basic pointers when reading my meal plans. First, we use goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. Even though they contain casein proteins, they are different caseins from cow’s milk and my children tolerate them fine. Please note that not all kids are this way. If you are just starting GFCF, you must go off of all casein proteins, and then test each individual protein later on.

    Also, you must check labels on any canned goods every time. Companies are not obligated to notify consumers that they have changed their recipe. The same thing goes for foods eaten out.

    There are more tips for newbies in my first meal plan post.

    Monday, March 3
    Breakfast: GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes {original recipe by Sue Gregg…this time I grind 1 cup whole buckwheat and 1/2 cup whole teff in coffee grinder}
    Lunch: Baja Fresh, our Monday tradition with Granmama
    Dinner: Breakfast foods {fried eggs, country potatoes}

    Tuesday, March 4
    Breakfast: GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes {this time I used 1 cup buckwheat + 1/2 cup whole millet…and apparently too much water}
    Lunch: Leftovers from Baja Fresh. I had cheese. One word: Nausea. Si got leftover cabbage soup, lucky guy.
    Dinner: Turkey Stirfry Stew over brown rice from Nourishing Tradition using the one soy sauce my kids can tolerate…San-J Brand Organic Wheat-free Tamari Soy Sauce that is naturally fermented.

    Wednesday, March 5
    Breakfast: GFCF Pumpkin Berry Muffins {My own recipe that I haven’t actually made yet. I will post it if they come out okay.}
    Lunch: Leftover Turkey Stirfry Stew
    Dinner: Two roasted chickens basted with Chimichurri Sauce, GFCF mashed potatoes, garden salad

    Note: GFCF mashed potatoes are simple! Peel and cut up potatoes and put them in a pot. Fill just to covering with safe chicken broth {read those labels!}. Boil until tender. Once they are done, remove potatoes with slotted spoon and mash them in a bowl (using a mixer or muscles, doesn’t matter). Add broth from earlier as needed for liquid. Generous amounts of Spectrum Naturals Organic Shortening will soften and smooth. Salt and pepper to taste.

    Thursday, March 6
    Breakfast: GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes {I got my co-op order in and I’m working on grain combos to see what tastes best}
    Lunch: Leftover chicken and salad and maybe homefries if I’m feeling motivated
    Dinner: Chicken taco salads with refried beans {recycling those chickens for many meals!}

    Friday, March 7
    Breakfast: GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes
    Lunch: Leftover chicken taco salads
    Dinner: GFCF Nourishing Chili with toppings {I will post my chili recipe someday. Toppings can be whatever. Get creative! We use cheese and sour cream for the dairy-eaters, green onions, shredded carrots, original flavor Fritos, salsa, etc. for everyone.}

    Saturday, March 8
    Breakfast: GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes
    Lunch: Leftover chili
    Dinner: Lentil burgers {I add an egg to hold the patties together…no buns for the gluten-free crowd}, salad, oven baked potatoes

    Sunday, March 9
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and fruit slices
    Lunch: Leftover Chili
    Dinner: Breakfast foods {fried eggs, country potatoes}

    Monday, March 10
    Breakfast: GFCF Blender Batter Pancakes
    Lunch: Baja Fresh, of course!
    Dinner: More lentil burgers {I am making a big batch and only cooking half the first night. The rest will keep well a couple days in the fridge.} with salad and potatoes.

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