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    Weekend Review

    March 4, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    This weekend was {mostly} wonderful. Exciting, even, which is unusual for us. It all started with Friday. That was the night we were up late working on the cakes. I always say that I make the cakes around here, but they really wouldn’t happen without Si. After all, I need somone to keep something from teetering over, or to stand there and hand me stuff I need.



    Since I ended up making two cakes, he actually decorated one and I decorated the other. This was for the sake of expediency. We were up until 11:00 PM with these cakes as it was!

    So, yes, I changed my mind and decorated the night before. {I will try to post photos later this week.} If you want a perfect cake, and that cake is topped with fruit, I would highly suggest waiting to decorate until morning. I am not a perfectionist, so I was only slightly bothered by the fact that the blueberries had run, turning one corner of the cake a purple color, while the chocolate butterfly turned another corner green.

    Does real chocolate turn something green? I’m thinking I might have invested in something fake that looked like chocolate. I wasn’t feeding it to the allergic kids, so I didn’t check the labels.

    Anyhow, the weekend was good, even if the chocolate was fake.

    The Birthday Party

    Birthday Parties just keep getting better around here. It’s because the children are getting older. I remember when our oldest turned three and A. was a newborn. My, that party felt like so much work! I don’t really remember enjoying it. He and his cousins and other extended family were all still so little that they required a lot of supervision. Or, at least, because they were all firstborns, we parents thought they did.

    So we spent birthday parties following them around so that they didn’t jump to their deaths off of a box that was four inches off the ground.

    Talk about over-protective.

    So now, we’ve loosened up. And also the big kids are good about looking out for the little kids. And also there was no newborn stealing my sleep the night before.

    I think my favorite memory from this party will be looking across the backyard to the swing set. It comfortably seats six or seven children, and every seat was filled. After all, there were nine kids under the age of six present at this gig. Every swing was being wildly swung, every child was smiling, and I couldn’t help but think that this was what family life was meant to be like, if just for a moment.

    Movie Review

    So we were pretty much dead tired after Party Day. We ate leftover party fare for dinner and put the kids to be on time {8:00 PM sharp}. And then we settled down and relaxed in front of that hypnotic screen.

    And watched this:

    Babette’s Feast
    4 out of 5 stars

    This film lost a star for {1} the poorly-done 80s dream sequence and {2} botching the ending. But it simply must be given four stars for one of the best feasting scenes in the history of film. Approximately 20 minutes of feasting, the viewer feels such satisfaction from seeing a meal that not only is perhaps the best meal a person could ever eat, but seeing that meal bring peace to a somewhat fractured community.

    So how was the end botched? Babette’s Feast, where Babette selflessly lavishes a real French meal on a fearful, legalistic religious cloister, should have been an expression of God’s grace to these people. It should have given them earthly comfort {they were very focused on the next life, expecting nothing–not even marriage and children–from this life}. And to some extent, the meal did do this. But the dialogue made it clear that the screenwriter thought this was not an expression of grace, but rather an expression of artistry. A chance for Babette, once a highly revered French chef, to “do her best.”

    The writer, in essence, emptied the meal of so much of its meaning at the end. And yet, I can’t bring myself to give it any less than four stars, it was so beautifully filmed!

    Soccer Review

    Si has been playing soccer for over a month now. He plays on Sunday afternoons, and the kids and I try to go watch when the games aren’t invading on nap time. But we won’t be watching him anymore.


    Well, this is connected to why I didn’t post yesterday.

    When he came home from the game Sunday evening {I remained behind, preparing dinner for some company}, he announced, “I think I broke my toe.”

    The toe basically deteriorated from there. Yesterday morning, my grandfather was kind enough to take him to the doctor {it was his right toe, and he was in a lot of pain}. Through x-rays, we discovered he shattered the end of his big toe.


    The good news is that, in any other location, he might have ended up in surgery, but because it was the end of the toe, all he can do is wait and take ibuprofen for the inflamation.

    I have told Si we can’t afford for him to play sports. Oh, they don’t cost all that much if we were only paying for the season. It’s all the attendant bills, I say! So far, he has visited the ER, had a CT scan, gotten stitches, and gotten said stitches removed, limped to a doctor’s office, gotten an x-ray, etc.

    It’s too much, I say!

    Honey, I think you should consider taking up T-ball coaching.

    Et tu?

    So…how was your weekend?

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  • Reply Brandy March 4, 2008 at 10:04 pm


    I will have to ask Si if it is possible for Eddie to replace him. Doc says no soccer for six weeks, and last week they could have used an extra man anyhow (only one sub). I will let you know if that is possible.


    Sorry to hear about your toe! There is nothing like a toe injury to make us realize how much the small things matter. I never noticed my toes before I hurt one, you know?

    I hope your moving is going well. Send photos of the new place! And directions. We might have to head your way someday. Maybe Si’s next day off…

  • Reply rebecca March 4, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Our weekend wasn’t nearly as fun as yours! We spent it packing and dealing with a sick toddler (can you believe they are toddlers now?). It doesn’t seem fair that she should get a tooth and a cough/cold at the same time.

    It didn’t happen this weekend, but this morning I found a remaining sliver from a glass I broke last week. Found it with my toe and bled all over the carpet I am trying to keep clean for the new owners. So, I feel for Si and his broken toe.

  • Reply Kimbrah March 4, 2008 at 7:07 pm


    I am going to have to take Si’s side in this one. This is coming from the wife of another avid soccer fan/player:

    Consider in the “cost” of things, even the medical bills and possible time lost from work, how much Si gives to your family. Then consider the sheer enjoyment, downtime, stress relief, guy time, outlet that he gets from playing soccer.

    Don’t you think its worth it, in the long run to have a well-adjusted, happier husband and father for your children?

    Where can Eddie sign up?!! 🙂

    Just saying that sometimes it isn’t all about the money.

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