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    Weekend Review

    March 10, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    We had a lovely, simple weekend. It actually started on Friday, when my mom declared she wanted a morning with the children and would I mind leaving them and going to have lunch {alone!} with my husband?

    Um. Twist my arm!

    So Si and I had a lovely meal at someplace other than Baja Fresh.

    I made it a point to eat something containing gluten and preservatives. It was great.

    Friday night, however, was less than ideal. This was because of…

    The Movie

    Sometimes, we choose good ones. And sometimes, my parents choose the movies. Just kidding. They occasionally choose good ones, too. I really thought this had potential, but I think it is because I expected an Old West sort of film, and this was not really it. I also expected action when it was quite slow.

    Oh. And I expected Casey Affleck not to be creepy, but he was ultra creepy.

    Needless to say, I wish we had read a book instead. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, I suppose.

    The Assassination of Jesse James
    by the Coward Robert Ford

    2 out of 5 stars

    The movie was slow. The plot was not compelling {to me, anyhow}. There was gratuitous vulgar talk among the men. We skipped something else that was inappropriate, too. By a little over an hour into the movie, neither of us had gained enough interest, and so we turned it off…and went to bed early.

    The Food

    I had mentioned in my weekly meal plan that we were having lentil burgers this weekend. What I didn’t mention was that we have never eaten these before and it was new to us. Well, we ate them.

    And it was good.

    They don’t stay together quite as well as meat patties, so it was sort of like eating a sloppy joe in that regard, but they were tasty, even to a picky pregnant lady like myself. I calculate that eating lentil burgers instead of ground beef burgers {especially since the recipe makes two meals rather than one} saved me four dollars!

    Take that, grocery bill!

    The Book

    Si and I have been reading through Diane Setterfield’s debut novel, The Thirteenth Tale. Um, can you say beautiful? I typically avoid modern novels {anything written after, oh, 1930 or so} because I don’t like them. The newer the book, the worse the writing.

    But, like all broad brushstroke statements, there are exceptions. I knew when Cindy sang its praises, it’d be worth reading. So I put it in my PaperBackSwap wish list and forgot about it. And then, I got that charming little email they send: Wish Granted! This means the book I asked for six months ago is now available, all for me!

    Once it was on its way, Wittingshire posted some praises for the book, and that was when I was sure I would love it. And we have not been disappointed. I, especially, am in love.

    After all, this is a book written by an author that not only is quite the master of her craft {especially for a first novel}, but understands readers that truly love to read.

    Reading aloud on a Saturday night? Priceless.

    The New Park

    I would be remiss not to mention that our park, which has burned to the ground twice, was once again restored this past week. We went at dusk last night for a last-minute frisk and, overall, it passes the test, even though I think the former toys were far superior to the new ones. There were no complaints from the children {other than that the slide was bumpy}, and it is nice to know that the park is, once again, what one would think of when one hears the word park.

    Monday Report

    Since I’m already being so self-indulgent, I might as well carry on until the end. This morning, bright and early, the children’s great-grandfather joined us for a walk. Then, he brought out some plants and helped the children with the garden.

    We now have two kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, and a watermelon out there!

    The children were ecstatic {as was I}, and we topped the day off with a nice lunch with my mom at {where else?} Baja Fresh.

    I love homeschooling. Spontaneous gardening with even the youngest members. Intergenerational living.

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