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    The Darndest Things: We All Speak the Same Language, But…

    May 19, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    It’s a good thing Si and I both majored in Communications in college. Otherwise, we’d be really lost around here at times. Now, our son often surprises us by talking like characters from his books. He’s been known to blurt out sentences that sound like people who lived a hundred years ago or more.

    But other times, we have a bit of a breakdown around here.

    Like yesterday morning, when Si and E. were planning to work on our yard. E. went into the front yard and started gathering up the tools and supplies. Si didn’t know where he had gone. So, in our garage, this conversation ensued:

    Si: You ought to have asked.

    E.: totally clueless look on his face

    Si: You ought to have asked.

    E.: still looking mystified What?

    Si: You ought to have asked.

    E.: I walk too fast??

    You get the picture…

    Then last night A. came wandering into the kitchen (after she had been put to bed) and looked in the fridge.

    A: Covah ovah?

    Si: staring blankly at child who seems to be saying something important

    A: Covah ovah?

    Si: Brandy, can you understand what she’s saying?

    A: Covah ovah?

    Me: Cover oval? What does that mean? Do you want your sheets on?


    Si: Okay. Let’s just go to bed.

    He took her back to her room. What else was there to do?

    The mystery was cleared up this evening during snack time. Si gave the children their codliver oil. Afterwards, I heard A. quietly say to herself, “Covah ovah.”

    Me: A! Say codliver oil to Daddy!

    A: I stuck!!!!!

    After Si pried her legs out from where they had become caught, she looked at him and said quietly, “Covah ovah.”

    Mystery solved.

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