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    The Great Brandini

    July 21, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    For my first trick, I will attempt to disappear for one or two weeks. For my second trick, I will reappear for a short time, only to disappear again on August 25, 2008, which is the date of the C-section which will remove the little parasite Sweet Baby O. from the confines of my tummy. For my third trick, I will attempt to survive the first six weeks of being a mother of four and come out kicking and relatively unscathed.

    What a challenge.

    But back to the first trick.

    We’re moving on Saturday. We should have the keys to the new house any day now. But no matter. We’ve been over there cleaning away. We just aren’t moving anything in until the bank says that is acceptable. But it’s been a lot of work and I am short on time and energy while also being overwhelmed by an abundance of contractions.

    Hence the disappearing act.

    I do have one post that I’ve been working on in my brain. It is begging to be let out sometime soon, and I plan to comply. But other than that, I’ll be lucky to have time to reply to comments. Of course, the fact that my comments problem has been repaired should speed that part of the process quite a bit.

    Hopefully, when I am back full time {before disappearing again}, I will have a few photos of the house to share. If I have time, I’ll put some photos on the scheduled-post function for fun.

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