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    The Darndest Things: Conversations with Q.

    August 7, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    Baby Q.’s conversation skills have been hit-and-miss. She spoke early compared to our other two {but not compared to averages, I don’t think}. Then she seemed to forget some of the words she used early on. She went through a time where she spoke very, very quietly. And then, for a while, she spoke actual words through an unmoving mouth. We had to listen very carefully to understand her.

    Now, she uses “UH” with varying tones and emphases in order to get her point across.

    We have no idea what she is saying.

    A car ride goes like this:

    Q.: Mommy?

    Mommy: Yes, Q.?

    Q.: UH uh UH uh uh.

    Mommy: Oh. That’s nice, Q.

    Q.: Dah-ee?

    Daddy: Yes, Q.?

    Q.: UH uh UH uh uh.

    Daddy: Yes, I was thinking that, too.

    This scenario repeats itself through each and every car ride. Sometimes she points at something while saying this, other times her eyes seem to wander aimlessly while she talking.

    Anyone care to translate for me?

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