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    The Final Push

    August 14, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    Yesterday, I told Jeana that I felt great and thought that my stamina was holding up better than in any of my previous pregnancies. So naturally I spent yesterday evening eating my words. I’ve been having contractions nightly for some time now. I don’t know if this is normal, but it happened in my last pregnancy, too, and everything was fine. Last night they were strong and fifteen minutes apart for hours.

    And then they stopped so that I could get some sleep. He’s a very polite little boy.

    This morning I was exhausted from the “workout” {if I may call it that}, so I spent some time languishing on the couch.

    So much for stamina.

    Almost Ready

    The last two days have been spent finalizing our preparations for Baby, among other things. Si went and retrieved the crib we had lent to friends. I was able to launder the linens and get it all set up. Last night, the contractions were bad enough that I packed a bit of our hospital bag, just in case we ended up needing it someday soon.

    I finished designing the birth announcements {I find it’s cheaper and more fun to make my own}, so now they are just waiting for all the pertinent information and cute photos. Or, hopefully the photos will be cute. Some of our babies cooperate more than others.


    If you want to be praying, the C-section is scheduled for August 25. I always get nervous about the surgery and recovery. It is painful, and I suppose I’m a bit of a wimp. We’re also praying for a milk miracle, which is something we pray for every time. And then there are the normal prayers for children adjusting to a new brother and parents adjusting to sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

    The Last Word

    This isn’t my final pre-baby post, at least I’m not planning for it. But I’m feeling at The End, so I thought I’d mention how thankful I am for all of you and your encouragement, especially those private emails that have meant so much in the last week. When I’m up nursing a newborn, I’ll be praying for you, too. It’s a good way to occupy the nighttime hours!

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