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    Odds and Ends: Finishing Well

    August 19, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    This being the final week before we begin our new life as a family of six, there is a lot that is already done, and a lot that remains. And there are also the things I hoped I could fit in or work out that seem to be happening {by God’s grace}.

    School Update

    We made it! Even though we moved, we were able to complete four full weeks of school by last Friday. This is a huge relief, for now I know that I can take off the time I need for recovery without worrying about getting in our goal, which is 180 days of school by June.

    Cooking School

    This week, we are not doing much in the way of reading, writing, and arithmetic {(at least not the way we do during our formal study sessions}. I’m focusing the week on preparing for the baby. One of the obstacles we face this time is that we will be providing more of our own food than ever before. In the past, friends have brought us meals, but the children’s allergies are now so severe that it complicates simple things, like accepting a meal cooked by another family.

    This is not to say that we aren’t receiving any help or support. It’s just different than before.

    I’m trying to bake bread daily and freeze it. So far, I’ve baked seven loaves. One of them magically disappeared during breakfast this morning.

    We also fit in a cookie baking session this morning. I found a new recipe, and so far it has received six thumbs up: two from me for being easy to prepare, and four from the older kids who thought they tasted great! If you are a GFCF family looking for something new to snack on, check out this recipe for Teff Peanut Butter Cookies. The ingredients are so healthful, you will feel quite comfy feeding your kids the results!

    Tonight, I’ll be baking four loaves of zucchini bread. And then tomorrow, we’ll do more pumpkin bread and use up my canned organic pumpkin. If I stay out of labor long enough, I’ll try to do a number of loaves of sandwich-type bread to help make lunch a bit easier during recovery.

    Final Happy Memories

    I’ve always had a tradition of taking my already-born children to the park once or twice before the arrival of a new baby. However, I doubted this would happen as it is August and last week there was a triple-digit heat wave predicted. So imagine my surprise when I awoke to a mysterious morning coolness. I doubted it would last long enough for me to get three kids ready and make it to the park before the heat arrived, but, just in case, I checked our local weather.

    The high today is predicted to be only 89!

    I was ecstatic. We skipped out on dishes and headed to the park for 45 minutes of play. The sun felt good to all of us, and Baby Q. enjoyed one of her only visits to the park. What a blessing that this worked out!

    Chore Training

    My goal all along was to train the children to perform as many chores as possible before the baby came. I typically have very difficult recoveries after my surgeries, and, frankly, I need all the help I can get. But besides this, I have learned that performing useful tasks keeps up the morale when times are hard. A mommy that is weak and in pain is a hard for a little one to bear.

    Training has gone so well! My son has learned to clean most of the bathroom. A. has learned to scrub sinks. It helps that I discovered safe, non-toxic cleaners that will not stain their clothing. This way Mommy doesn’t hover over them, worrying about this or that. Yesterday, both children enjoyed spot-cleaning the kitching and dining room floors while I made homemade pizza. I had no idea how entertaining such tasks would be for them!

    The End

    So I suppose that’s about it. I try not to publish many vanity posts, but what can I say? In times like this, life gets much smaller.

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