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    September 6, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    I‘ve had more than my fair share of down time lately. Actually, that’s not true. I mean, it’s true that I’ve had a lot of down time, but it’s not true that this is unfair. Some folks deliver their babies the old fashioned way. Me? I have major surgery, just to make it fun.

    So between my recovery and the fact that we typically don’t do much until the baby is a month old, we’ve been watching more movies than normal. But only one was really worth reviewing…

    The Movie

    Oh yes. This is a must-see, if ever there were one.

    The Lost City
    5 out of 5 stars

    This was an independent film. And it was rated R. If you know me, you know that it is a very, very rare occasion that I watch a film with such a rating. But this film came highly recommended by my father, so we decided to take a risk.

    And we’re glad we did.

    This film has it all in the artistry department: good acting, good cinematography, good costuming, good music and dance {yes, dance!}. But it also packs a punch with it’s excellent script. I don’t want to give too much away, because I want you to see it. Let’s just say that this is a great alternative to watching that horrible little film The Motorcycle Diaries, which is nothing but a leftist attempt to glorify Che Guevara, the Marxist revolutionary who brought the likes of Fidel Castro to the throne in Cuba and was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

    Did you know that Guevara has become a symbol of leftist ideals, due to his relentless pursuit of the revolution and forwarding of Marxist thought? Just something to think about.


    So anyhow, The Lost City focuses on the fall of Havana to Fidel Castro and his cronies, but it does so through music and dance, adding beauty and artistry to an otherwise dark film. In the interview with the director {Andy Garcia}, I learned that Garcia was born in Havana and came to the US as a refugee. He spent almost two decades working on this movie, his life’s project, exploring the loss of his hometown and a beautiful culture.

    Of course, the critics hated this movie because it wasn’t one of Hollywood’s usual glowing reviews of Cuba under Castro. Garcia had the courage to depict the actual truth about what Marxism can do to a country.

    So watch it. But be warned. This is a movie about a revolution, and the rating is due to violence. Of course, we ladies know we can turn our eyes away when necessary.

    The Book

    The children and I have been reading a lesser-known collection of fairy tales:

    The Wonder Clock
    5 out of 5 Stars

    I know, I know. Two five-star reviews in one post? Can it be? Yes it can!

    This book is truly excellent. It has everything a fairy tale should have: dragons, knights, poor peasant men who rise to greatness, rich brothers, poor brothers, people under witch’s curses, sly foxes, magic, talking animals, the ends of the earth and beyond, and more. The writing is superb {and who would expect any less from the likes of Pyle, the great author and illustrator from the late-1800s who, among other things, wrote a fabulous four-volume set on none other than King Arthur himself}, the illustrations are simple yet beautiful, and the stories not only live and breath, but each has a moral without being preachy.

    If you have a little boy or girl in your home that loves to hear tales of adventurous men trying to win the hand of a lovely princess, this book is one to add to your library.

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