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    What’s Cookin’ In My GFCF Kitchen

    September 29, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    I haven’t posted a GFCF meal plan in oh so very long. Our stomachs have been at the mercy of kitchens belonging to friends and family these past few weeks. One of the most difficult parts of C-section recovery for me is standing for long periods of time, so having members of our community prepare meals for us was greatly appreciated.

    This is my first week fully back in business. The friend of mine who organized a meal schedule was kind enough to wean me off the system by having meals arrive every-other-day last week. It really did keep me from overdoing it.

    Anyhow, like I said I’m back in the kitchen. And I thought I’d share what’s cooking. After all, since I’m no longer pregnant, I’m able to reacquaint myself with pulses, which are used worldwide to sustain life at a low cost. {I just can’t digest them while pregnant.} So our grocery budget should reflect the change. At least I hope it does.


    Last week, we ate a lot of GFCF hazelnut scones {I substituted crushed hazelnuts and dried cranberries for the walnuts and currants called for in the recipe}. I found the recipe via the Frugal Granola blog’s constant referencing of a website called SCD Recipes. When I finally clicked on it, I discovered that this is a whole website devoted to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is another dietary approach to recovering children from autism, among other things. The SCD diet is much stricter than GFCF, which means that the recipes are usually appropriate. I am loving this new resource.

    Anyhow, I can’t cook breakfast for at least the next six months because between nursing Baby O. and doing basic morning chores like packing Si’s lunch, there isn’t time. Unless I get up even earlier. I might be willing to do this once we’re getting more sleep, but I’m running on low these days as it is.

    On weekends, Si usually whips up a fruit salad or scrambled eggs. On weekdays this week, we are eating a Nourishing Traditions style GFCF multigrain hot cereal inspired by The Nourishing Gourmet that is cooked overnight in the crockpot. It is wonderful to awaken to a home already smelling like breakfast!

    I took the recipe containing gluten and tweaked it. I doubled the brown rice {and will triple it next time as my kids are big rice fans} and then used millet, milo {also called sorghum}, amaranth, and teff. I might skip the teff next time as it is so tiny that some of it was lost through the strainer. The original recipes lists a number of serving options, and I plan to try a few through the week to add some variety.


    Our lunches are almost always leftovers. I make more than we need for every dinner so that I can heat up lunch with ease. This has always been useful {especially since GFCF can be tricky with traditional lunch foods}, but it is almost imperative with our new busy life. Adding in nursing has meant adding over eight extra hours of activity to my day. Granted, some of that activity is at night, but eight hours is a lot nonetheless. I just don’t have time to make lunch right now, and using leftovers means I don’t have to.

    One of our lunches this week will be leftovers of a soup that I made this weekend. This is a money-saver indeed! Courtesy of the infamous Lentils and Rice blog, this recipe of Lentil Soup is also a Nourishing Traditions recipe. Substitute Spectrum Shortening for the butter and it is GFCF. {I cannot emphasize enough the great benefits of soaking grains and legumes. If you want to understand the process, try reading this and this.} We served it in the same manner as the author–over perfectly prepared Nourishing Traditions Brown Rice.


    I might not make all these dinners. Sometimes I just cook until the refrigerator is packed, and then we eat leftovers until I need to start cooking again. How long it takes to pack the fridge varies along with the appetites of teething toddlers or sniffly children.

    This week I am planning on these options: Summer Red Sauce over brown rice pasta with a side salad, taco salads {a regular salad topped with refried beans and also this Spanish Rice that I’ll be presoaking and making with some homegrown jalapenos from the freezer}, baked chicken with homefries and side salads, and also breakfast-for-dinner {a favorite of the children}.

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  • Reply Kimbrah September 30, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Those scones sound awesome! I wish I had some cranberries and hazelnuts! I just thought of something I do have though. Pecans! In their shells! I’ll catch ya later. 🙂

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