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    News on the Homefront

    October 17, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    Where did Friday come from anyhow? It snuck up on me. {By the way, Happy Birthday, Grace!} I know I have neglected Afterthoughts this week. Truth be told, I’m just tired. I’ve been trying to sneak in extra naps where I can so that I have stamina to make it through the evening–which seems to be lasting until almost midnight with that last feeding of the day.

    Baby O. is eight weeks old today. He looks great and I don’t think you can tell by looking at him that anything was ever wrong. He smiles and gurgles, just as he should. He can see farther now and is becoming more difficult to nurse because he wants to look around {a blanket over him helps immensely}.

    But I am definitely eight weeks tired.

    We’ve had a little bit of excitement around here lately, too. Our backyard homesteading dreams are a little closer to reality every day. Si has worked tirelessly at clearing out the tumbleweeds. We came up with a plan and a local supply store drew up the necessary irrigation map for us. That was something we had no clue how to do ourselves, so it was nice to have professionals to tap into. If all goes well, Si and some friends will be trenching the irrigation soon. After that, he’ll seed the lawn area of the yard for fescue. We chose this type of grass for many reasons, one of them being that it will provide good grazing for our ducks.

    There was some sort of giant triangular dog run that was installed in the yard by the former owners. They took the fencing and roof with them, but left behind concrete curbing with something like sixteen poles sunk over a foot into our hard packed clay soil. Si broke up the concrete with a sledge hammer, but when he tried to dig the poles out, one pole took over an hour! Not exactly efficient. So my uncle and father graciously brought over a bulldozer {every family should have access to a bulldozer!} and pulled them all out in no time flat. Plus, this offered entertainment for the children.

    Of course, now we have sixteen poles partially covered in concrete to dispose of. He he.

    So as I was saying, we are getting somewhere.

    And as if Si didn’t have enough going on with the yard, his friend Sean {author of Ethix} is editing Broadman and Holman’s new Apologetics Study Bible for Students {photo is of the adult version} and gave Si the opportunity to be an article contributor! So Si was busy this week finishing up his submissions for that as well. We were excited for him to have yet another venue to use his training and talents for the building up of the Church.

    And me? I really do try to write daily. A wise woman {and far better writer than I} once said that this is what writers do: Nulla Dies Sine Linea. Not a day without a line. But I admit that I have failed this week, what with my exhaustion and Si’s hogging working on the computer. But tomorrow is another day!

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  • Reply Kansas Mom October 18, 2008 at 1:34 am

    I wish our house were well enough for us to focus on our land! This past week we’ve replaced and mended duct work, installed a dishwasher (that doesn’t run) and investigated repairing our water softener. No fun at all! (Well, the dishwasher would have been fun if it worked.)

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