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    Election Day Traditions

    November 4, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    Si and I have some Election Day traditions that we’ve developed over the years. So far, it is just he and I, but I can envision when the children are a bit older and this tradition begins to include them as well.

    First, the TV hidden away in our back room is allowed into the living room. This only happens during important events! We often keep in on throughout the evening, though I’m not sure about that tonight. The interesting thing about Proposition 8, which I discussed yesterday, is that even having to vote on this issue means that the issue has come to the forefront of public discussion. I find myself having to protect my innocent children even more from talk radio, television news, and even adult political conversation! They are simply too young to be introduced to the subject, and that might factor in to whether or not the TV stays on.

    I am really wishing we had fancy cable news stations for tonight. We had that once during an election, and it made it more fun.

    Anyhow, the children should be in bed at their normal time, and then we will be up having our private political party. Often, we order a pizza or something, but tonight we decided on homemade pizookies.

    Somewhere around nine or ten o’clock, results begin rolling in, and then we start our pity party where we mourn the state of politics in this country and marvel at how many bond measures pass in the state of California.

    It’s really quite fun and as our children get older I look forward to making it a community event.

    Do you have any Election Night traditions?

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  • Reply Ellen November 4, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    We always try to have a few likeminded people over to watch with us. Now that more of our friends have young children, that isn’t happening as much anymore. =) But we’ll still have a few tonight for our election party. I’m making a cake, and I got some Halloween candy today for half off. =)

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