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    November 21, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    In the comments, I was asked for the list of books that Dr. Linda suggested to me if I really wanted to understand her philosophy and methods. Just so you know, I had asked her a general question along the lines of, “So…is there a book I could read about this? You know…Energy Medicine for Dummies or something?”

    I really couldn’t tell if she thought I was funny or not.

    She asked me if I had read such-and-such a book. Too bad I was too sleep deprived to realize that I should have been writing them down! But what she did tell me directly, I managed to remember long enough to import them into my PBS wishlist. She told me that there were some great books that I could read to gain a thorough understanding. They are not easy reads, they are not necessarily for laypersons, but they will tell me what I want to know.

    I adore people who aren’t afraid to suggest a difficult book.

    Dr. Linda is a big fan of a doctor {Ph.D., not M.D.} named James Oschman. She suggested his Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performanceand says that she rereads this often because there is so much to be gleaned from it.

    Sounds promising.

    Oschmann also wrote Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Bioenergy Therapies. Sounds like between the two books, they will answer my two major questions: How does this work? and Why does this work?

    There is also Dr. Larry Lytle’s Healing Light: Energy Medicine of the Future.

    Dr. Linda is also a contributor to the book The Healing Power of 8 Sugars: An Amazing Breakthrough in Nutrition, Sciences and Medicine. She didn’t suggest this next book, but there is a book I’ve been wanting that goes along with this called Sugars That Heal: The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients.

    That is the short but helpful book list.

    Please be warned that reading about energy medicine can sometimes lead to false philosophies and theologies. Our doctor takes great pains to take the science and leave the blasphemy, so if you are wanting to read further than this, please do so with care.

    In other news

    Si’s mom will be here with us for this upcoming Thanksgiving week. If I have time, I’ll be scheduling some autoposts, but who knows. Cleaning the bathroom and making up the guest bed take priority, no?

    Christmas Shopping

    Just a friendly reminder that if you are planning to shop Amazon rather than braving Black Friday, I offer you my humble Amazon search box. This is how I finance my book addiction, as many of you know.

    I would highly suggest Amazon, and the internet in general. Last year, I purchased all of my bought Christmas gifts without leaving my house! The rest of the gifts, I made by hand. Since I am not much for shopping, this worked well.

    Linky Love

    One last friendly reminder, and that is about my Mutual Affection links or whatever I call them right now. I still can’t think of a truly clever name. Anyhow, if you link to Afterthoughts and would like Afterthoughts to link to you in return, please let me know via comments or email. I reserve the right to say no, of course, but that has never happened.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    We just read the story of the First Thanksgiving today in Margarey Pumphrey’s Stories of the Pilgrims. Back before football and parades, Thanksgiving was a way of thanking God for his provision during the harvest months, of being grateful for all the food one was able to store up for the winter. The existence of grocery stores minimizes the impact of this, but the fact that there is much to thank God for remains. Let us not forget it! Truly His grace is abundant!

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  • Reply Rachel R. November 22, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    Thank you, Brandy! Will read with a bowl handy for spitting of cherry pits. 😉

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