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    December Hillside

    December 4, 2008 by Brandy Vencel

    Above is one of my favorite photos, taken of my oldest two last December. We went to a local area that is quite lovely this time of year and attempted to take photos of the three children in their Christmas outfits to give to relatives.

    We never did get a perfect shot.

    Q. was only 11 months then, and how she fussed! And to think that E. was five and A. was two. It all goes so fast.

    Today was our first baking day of the season. I just took some fragrant raspberry brownies out of the oven. We will frost them later on, and have a treat with Daddy in the evening.

    The world declares that it wants change. Me? I think it wise to cling to the permanent things: the rythym of the seasons, the simplicity of a day spent baking, the growing up of children. Technology may come and go. Politicians may come and go. Children climbing hillsides? Now that’s a Permanent Thing.

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