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    Adding to Circle Time

    February 4, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    Cindy put a bunch of books on sale at Dominion Family last week. This was her way of getting rid of some things before her big move. When I saw the list, I couldn’t believe it. Right there was a set of history books which I had longed for ever since I read Valerie’s review of it: Lord’s Beacon Lights of History, bound in brown leather, the complete sixteen volumes published in eight books {in 1921!}. I immediately offered Cindy my Christmas money, which she accepted, no questions asked.

    And they arrived this week and they are beautiful on the outside. And we began to read them, and they are beautiful on the inside as well.

    You should see them on the top shelf of the bookcase with the glass doors which lock with a handsome skeleton key.

    But then I thought that perhaps the books were too advanced for our little ones.

    For the girls, they are. But our son was held in rapt attention for all five pages we read yesterday, and again for however many we read this morning. The girls tolerated it, but seemed happy when it was time to move on to poetry.

    This was a wonderful addition to Circle Time. We will be reading a small handful of pages daily and we should be through all sixteen volumes by the time I am 45.

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