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    The Butterfly Cake {Part Deux}

    February 23, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    If you remember, last year I made a butterfly cake {well, it was more like a glorified sugar cookie with two pounds of sugar on top, but you get the idea} for A.’s third birthday. It seems that butterflies haven’t lost their charm, and she requested yet another butterfly cake. I googled “butterfly cake” and printed off four options that I thought I could pull off and let her choose.

    Just my luck, she chose the easiest one of all. I felt like I’d won something!

    Originally, this was supposed to be a two-layer cake, but with over 20 folks RSVP-ing for the big day, I added a third layer. It was two batches of cake, so the layers were a little thicker than normal and then I used the leftovers to make a strange number of cupcakes to snack on for fun.

    Here is the cake before decoration:

    The filling is seedless raspberry jelly, in case you care about things like that. I am on an eternal quest to recreate the taste of my wedding cake, of which I only was able to take one bit.

    I’ll be forever bitter about that.

    Or maybe it’s about the fact that my mom gave the last couple pieces to “the help” while said help threw my piece away before I ate it.

    I often attend weddings for the purpose of eating a piece of really good cake, so you can see why I was upset about my own Big Day.

    Sometime I’ll tell you all my nightmare wedding story. It doesn’t really matter, since I still got to marry the man of my dreams. That’s what makes it fun to tell, that it all turned out okay in the end.

    Next shot is an in process sort of shot. It’s about 9:30pm, the lighting is bad, and I’m painting butterflies.

    This time around I learned that it is helpful to sketch the design lightly with a toothpick before actually frosting. That would have saved me about a hundred mistakes in my past.

    Live and learn.

    At this point, I was done except for outlining everything with white and adding A.’s name on top. White really makes it all pop.

    By the way, if you are seeing crumbs in the icing, that was another one of my mistakes. I like to call it Icing Trouble. Thank the Lord I’m not a perfectionist otherwise it would have driven me crazy for time and all eternity.

    Here’s the best shot of a finished top I’m going to give you:

    Sorry. No first names. But you can see how cute it was meant to be.

    Here is the side view, complete with bad lighting:

    The important part of all of this is that little A. was thrilled.

    Yes, I should do a crumb coat next time.

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    Very cute!

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