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    Please Meet: Laurence Anholt

    March 23, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    I stumbled across the work of Laurence Anholt once upon a time, about three years ago, when I was thumbing through a Veritas Press catalogue. I believe the book I had noticed was a children’s picture book about Degas, and my interest was due to the fact that Degas had been my favorite artist in my teens.

    I adored his ballerina sculptures in bronze and even owned a miniature of one of my favorites.

    Anyhow, as I was searching for picture books during a planning day, I realized that Laurence Anholt has published many works which seek to bring art to the children. {He has also published other sorts of picture books, but it is his artist series I wish to highlight here.} Anholt has researched real encounters between famous artists and small children and retold them in his books.

    Check these out:

    Camille and the Sunflowers

    Degas and the Little Dancer

    Leonardo and the Flying Boy

    The Magical Garden of Claude Monet

    Matisse: The King of Color

    Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail

    I hope that someday Anholt decides to touch on some of the older masters. I am much more likely to be introducing my children to Michelangelo than Picasso in the near future. I had a piano teacher once who insisted I wasn’t allowed to learn to play jazz until I could play “real” music {and by this she meant classical} well. Now, here I am, insisting that my children understand the more realistic artists long before I am willing to introduce them to artists as abstract as Picasso.

    This aside, these books are wonderful and we are ready to dig into our book on Van Gogh during Term Three.

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