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    How to Become the Favorite Uncle

    May 26, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    Si’s youngest brother, L. {of cell phone incident fame}, is a big hit around here once again. He is in a one-man competition for the title of Favorite Uncle. It’s not that there aren’t technically other contestants, but rather that L. is the only one aiming to actually win.

    I suppose that makes him a shoo-in.

    When it comes to sending birthday presents, L. is not married, being still in his teens, and so the gifts which arrive on our doorstep are indicative of his love alone. They are also often, but not always, indicative of his secondary goal of Annoying the Parents.

    So, if your nephew is about to turn seven, here is how to become Favorite Uncle and also annoy your brother and his wife all at once:

    1. Go on a spring break missions trip to Honduras.
    2. While there, shop for Coolest/Most Annoying Gift Ever.
    3. Decide on one very beautiful handmade drum and a pair of large maracas.
    4. Mail to nephew, along with a letter which ends with this sentence:

      Show your parents how loud you can be!

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