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    Update Five

    June 15, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Another hard day has come to its close. Siah had made such a leap in improvement that I keep expecting the days to get easier and easier, but we seem to be on a plateau for now.

    The biggest issue we are up against right now is oxygenation. I will try to spare you all of the little details that go into why he is having trouble, but the fact is that he is. He had a hard time yesterday, and today was a bit worse. We are trying hard to keep him from going back on the ventilator, but we’ll see what happens.

    Right now, the plan of action is to try and get the fluid out of his body. He is still retaining so much water. So, he had dialysis this evening again, and he’ll have it first thing in the morning. On top of this, we’re doing diuretics.

    He needs so much prayer right now. He’s been running a fever, and that is also complicating his oxygenation because he gets chilled. He has anxiety about missing work. He needs to breathe deeper, slower, and easier. His kidneys need to heal. His platelets need to come back up. He needs the nurses drawing blood to STOP MISSING on their first tries. He needs restful sleep. He needs to stop shivering during his kidney treatments {both the plasmapheresis and the dialysis}.

    He is a mess, isn’t he?

    Only the Lord can put all the pieces back together for us.

    Thank you for another day filled with your encouragement. That’s what’s keeping our family afloat.

    Love, Brandy

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  • Reply Willa June 15, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Poor oxygenation totally escalates anxiety. Not that it isn’t already very difficult for a DH/provider to deal with being so sick. I will say extra prayers today for comfort and peace for Josiah if that is God’s will. Thanks for keeping up with the updates — even though I don’t know your family personally I do think of you a lot and wonder what is going on.

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