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    Update Fourteen

    July 5, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Well, we have completed week one of rehabilitation! Si visited our general practitioner (who will make the final decisions about going back to work), visited our chiropractor, had outpatient plasmapheresis twice, and was evaluated by his new physical therapist. This seemed to be just about the perfect amount of activity for him as he’s regaining his strength.

    To say that he is doing well is an understatement. He really took off on Wednesday, which was the day after he saw our chiropractor. He has responded very well to her methods. To contrast, on Monday, he was still using a walker and almost collapsed on his way to the car after his plasmapheresis. By Thursday, we had brought a walker just in case, and he walked into the house CARRYING it.

    There is a reason some of our friends started calling him Lazarus.

    This week he will have some pretty intense physical therapy on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He will also follow-up with the neurologist and hematologist on Tuesday. We are praying that the neurologist begins to wean Si off of the seizure meds, and that the hematologist will say that he is done with plasma treatments and can have his port catheter removed from his chest. His port area began to look a bit red this week, and at this point we think it is more dangerous to have it in than out.

    Other prayers requests would include mapping a plan for Si’s return to work. He would like to go back as soon as he has his port out and has completed therapy. Our insurance only approved five therapy sessions, which means only a week and a half. My personal prayer is that if the doctor decides he needs to remain off of work, he will order up more therapy so that we don’t go backwards in the healing process.

    This has been a wonderful week for our family. Si’s twin’s family was still here until Saturday, so we were able to really spend time with them instead of running off on our hospital shifts. And Independence Day is our seven-year-old son’s favorite day of the year. It was extra-special for him to have his father home to kick off the month of July. In my mind, this was God’s present to our son.

    So we spend the days healing. We have had many volunteers to help drive this week, so I will be taking the opportunity to finish up the school year, as we had one week left when Si fell ill. It is always good to finish before it is time to plan the next year!

    I am currently looking for volunteers to help drive Si to and from work when the time comes. An elder from our church suggested that we look for ten men to volunteer for a rotation. This way no one is driving more than twice per month. I, of course, will fill in where needed. If you know someone headed downtown who would like to help out with this, please let me know. I’m going to start compiling a list.

    I thank you all for your continued prayers for our family. Many of you were there to greet us this morning, our first time back at church as a family, and it was so good to see you.

    Much love,

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