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    Update Sixteen

    July 18, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Well, this week marked week three of rehab. It was actually a pretty slow week, as we got a lot of the appointments out of the way last week. So Si did three days of therapy, and also pushed himself to do some weeding in my garden during the cooler hours of the day. Life seems a little more normal every day now.

    He began weaning off of one of his anti-seizure meds, and today is his last day of that medicine altogether. After a full week off of that medicine, he will have an EEG. If that test comes back normal, he will be able to begin weaning off the second anti-seizure medication.

    On Friday, we made a visit to our family practitioner to ask if Si might go back to work half-days. Good news! The doctor agreed that Si is ready for that step, and he will be able to return to work beginning Monday! The doctor also asked our insurance to keep Si in therapy for two more weeks so that he can continue building up his strength and the muscle mass that he lost while he was in bed.

    The biggest obstacle right now to life-as-normal is the driving issue. We laughed this week when we began to think through what it would take for him to go to coffee with a man from our church. Every time we make plans, we have to think through it thrice and be sure that we figured out the details just right.

    This will also be the biggest issue with working–that he needs rides. We have had a number of volunteers, but of course it gets an extra measure of complication when he is only working half-days. Would you please pray that God smooths the way for this? I keep hoping we’ll find someone from his work or someone who works downtown living in our neighborhood who will let him hitch a ride. I love living at the edge of town, but I realize now that we are not on anyone’s way to anywhere! For now, though, I can do the driving when he needs me to. When school starts, that will get more difficult.

    I want to thank you all, again, for walking with us through this. To think that it is almost over! If the EEG comes back normal, we are only looking at two more months of driving restrictions, less than that of medications, a couple follow-up visits with specialists, and we are done. It seems so close now. So many of you have faithfully continued to check on us and help us juggle driving and children and doctor visits. Thank you so much.

    Love to you all!


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