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    Microhomestead Report: Photos from the Harvest

    August 27, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    My garden isn’t really anything to brag about this year. Our soil isn’t all that great, plus when Si was in the hospital I only weeded once, which shaded out some plants that normally require this thing called sun. Nevertheless, we had a couple photos that seem worth sharing. After this, I promise to quit all of this self-indulgent nonsense and get back to talking about books and ideas.



    As I was saying…photos. I’ll start with the most impressive, which is my father’s tomato harvest {not to be confused with my tomato harvest}:

    This was just a little something he picked one Saturday morning. He said this casually, while searching my kitchen for my harvest, which was severely lacking, to say the least. I am blaming it on blight.

    Or maybe neglect?

    Moving on.

    By far the most exciting thing we planted was carrots. I know what you are thinking. How can a carrot be exciting? Well, first of all, the sugar ants ate the corn, so they didn’t have much competition. But also, we planted a variety pack, and never knew what we were going to dig up. We’d throw them in a bucket and run show Daddy:

    There were pale ones that looked like large parsnips, traditional orange ones, and then there was this:

    This, dear friends, is the Cosmic Purple Carrot. I grew it because, when you cut it up, it looks like this:

    We call these Carrot Rainbows.

    What an amazing variety God has made upon the earth!

    And He also made this incredible thing called diotomaceous earth, which will soon be surrounding each and every stalk of autumn corn…before it is too late. Those ants get greedy sometimes.

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