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    Quotables: Angels in the Architecture

    August 14, 2009 by Brandy Vencel
    Angels in the Architecture
    by Doug Jones
    and Doug Wilson

    Whenever the subject of worldview comes up, we Protestants–especially we Reformed Protestants–typically think of philosophy. And that is really too bad. We think of intellectual niggling. We think of theological lint picking. We think of the brief and blinding oblivion of ivory tower speculation, of thickly obscure tomes, and of inscrutable logical complexities. In fact, a worldview is as practical as garden arbors, public manners, whistling at work, dinner-time rituals, and architectural angels. It is less metaphysical than understanding marginal market buying at the stock exchange or legislative initiatives in congress. It is less esoteric than typing a book into a laptop computer or sending a fax across the continent. It is instead, Wilson and Jones assert, as down to earth as inculcating a culture-wide appetite for beauty, truth, and goodness.

    –George Grant

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