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    Quotables: Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum

    August 8, 2009 by Brandy Vencel
    Designing Your Own
    Classical Curriculum

    by Laura Berquist

    Catholic culture reached its highest development within Western civilization, but in the past thirty years that culture in which most Catholics lived and which seemed to them to be simply the unchangeable given of life, has collapsed in a vast secularizing implosion. Catholics who were formed by this culture, and intended to transmit it to their children, have discovered that they are opposed, not only by external enemies {an opposition they expected and were prepared to meet}, but also by an emerging managerial class within the Church, apparently devoted to accommodation and surrender.

    In consequence, the old culture has vanished from most Catholic institutions, but it has not died. It is still alive in faithful Catholic families, not only those of aging believers who refuse to relinquish the past but also in young families who are consciously reclaiming it. These young parents recognize that their most sacred obligation to their children, after giving them life, is to educate them so that they can save their souls. They are doing what the monasteries did for Catholic culture in an earlier Dark Age–preserving it and passing it on.

    Donna Steichen in 1994

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