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    Quotables: The Paideia of God

    September 3, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    The Paideia of God

    The modern opium dream that education can be religiously neutral should be, in our minds, equivalent to the question of whether or not, to use Dabney’s phrase, “schoolrooms should be located under water or in dark caverns.” Neutrality about the ultimate questions can be pretended in education, but it cannot be accomplished. Therefore all schools–and all departments–must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over all. Again, consider Dabney:

    Every line of true knowledge must find its completeness as it converges on God, just as every beam of daylight leads the eye to the sun. If religion is excluded from our study, every process of thought will be arrested before it reaches its proper goal. The structure of thought must remain a truncated cone, with its proper apex lacking.

    -from the essay Classical Learning and the Christian College

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