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    Quotables: The Baptized Body

    October 5, 2009 by Brandy Vencel
    The Baptized Body

    Any time our theology makes it difficult or impossible to say what Scripture says, our theology must be mistaken.

    {p. 25}

    God, the changeless God, is a responsive God.

    Here again we see one of the radical implications of Trinitarian theology. If God is eternally One, there is no other to respond to, until God creates an other. That makes his responsiveness a secondary acquisition, as if he is trying out a new gait. A unitarian god can become responsive only at the cost of his changelessness. Since God is Triune, however, He is eternally responsive. Father, Son, and Spirit live in an eternal communion of love, gift, delight, and joy, giving to and receiving from one another in an eternal round. The Triune God does not become responsive when He makes a world; but because He’s Triune He is capable of responding to the world. The rhythms of the life of Father, Son and Spirit constitute the uncreated archetype of created time. Creation moves in time because God is Triune and God is capable of working within time because He is Triune.

    {p. 26}

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